16 octobre 2019

IDRC Launches Intellectual Platform for Developing Countries

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. IDRC Launches Intellectual Platform for Developing Countries
Well now they can't say that it can't be done of that federal law prohibits it. Canada's IDRC - the International Development Research Centre - has launched an open access digital repository of the research it funds. "In addition to making information more freely available, this initiative will enable IDRC-funded researchers to publish and showcase their successes, insights, and expertise. Through the IDRC Digital Library their work will be available, not just to a select few subscribers of journals, but to the entire global research community." Related: this presentation (PDF) summarizes open access policy development in Canada. "Open access policy initiatives are happening around the world. Sherpa Juliet lists more than 20 funding agency policies, from at least 10 countries. More than half the policies are by medical research funders. More...

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