09 octobre 2019

Davantage de filles que de garçons entrent chaque année à l’université

Plus internationaux, plus âgés et surtout désormais majoritairement féminins, tel est le profil des arrivants sur les bancs de la fac dans les pays de l’OCDE. Plus...

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Davidson Eliminates All Loans

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Davidson Eliminates All Loans
When I was a student demonstrating in the streets for accessible education the call was for "grants not loans." All I got were loans, which left me with decades of debt and which have never been paid off to this day. While education is the great equalizer, I reckoned, the burden of debt was the tax I paid for being poor. It was the way the rich made sure I never really gained equality. So it makes me happy to see some colleges eliminating loans from their financial package entirely. More...

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Inspiration Lane

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Inspiration Lane
Another ESL blog, but I liked the way this one made use of the free daily updates from Free Dictionary and Free Library (sometimes these are called 'widgets' but I tend to reserve the term for specialized desktop applications). These are pretty easy to do and you just use a simple Javascript to add them to your blog; if anybody wants free daily content on something, let me know. More...

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JISC Conference

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. JISC Conference
Update on a "pleasant day" at a JISC conference (how about that!) with a link to a slide show about the Open Athens project. "End-user needs will push us down a user-centric identity management road... institutions will need to operate across multiple access management federation". More...

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BBC Jam... Good News for... Who?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. BBC Jam... Good News for... Who?
The closure of BBC Jam continues to reverberate. John Connell writes sarcastically, citing publisher glee at the announcement, "Good news for British educational publishers' - but sod the kids who will benefit from BBC Jam. Good to know where your priorities lie!" Seb Schmoller wants more usage data... "To see Jam at all you needed to register, so not much can be read into the fact that 170,000 user accounts on Jam had been created." And Connell again looks at the actions that might be taken. More...

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An Unanticipated Consequence of the $100 Laptop

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. An Unanticipated Consequence of the $100 Laptop
Well. "One NJ computer coordinator told me that a local school board heard about the $100 laptop and has decided not to buy any new computer hardware until laptops cost $100 in the United States. Now that should really scare the domestic computer industry!" Probably apocryphal. More...

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Questions and Answers On Personal Learning Environments

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Questions and Answers On Personal Learning Environments
The concept has been dragging its heels a bit recently but continues to be (in my view) interesting. "There is always a space for innovative, well thought out experiments in developing new applications. And who knows, PLEX may turn out to be a great tool. I suspect, though, it is more a proof of concept and research tool, than an application designed for mass use. More...

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La culture gothique enseignée à l’université de Manchester

À Manchester ,les étudiants peuvent désormais étudier la culture gothique à la fac. «The Centre for Gothic Studies» a ouvert ses portes au sein de l’Université métropolitaine la semaine dernière au cours du festival gothique de Manchester, rapporte le site britannique Times Higher Education. Plus...

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Étudier à Poitiers : une ville qui vit pour ses étudiants

Poitiers, ville étudiante par excellence? Sur le plan mathématique, sans aucun doute. Plus de 27.000 étudiants ont choisi de s’installer dans l’agglomération du Grand Poitiers, qui compte en tout près de 140.000 habitants. Plus...

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Étudier à Reims: pour une excellente qualité de vie à 45 minutes de Paris

À Reims, un habitant sur six est étudiant. Dans cette ville surtout connue pour son vin et sa cathédrale, les jeunes peuvent profiter d’une qualité de vie rare à 45 minutes de Paris. Plus...

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