09 octobre 2019

24 Hours to Secure Collaboration On Interoperability

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. 24 Hours to Secure Collaboration On Interoperability
The unedited plain-text version of the report on the meeting about LETSI - the body that will take over control of SCORM - that took place in London a couple of days ago. The final version will appear in the April ALT newsletter. "The first panel, with speakers from ISO/IEC, IMS Global, Microsoft UK and Ariadne, discussed global governance of interoperability. The common thread was the inter-connection of design and engineering. This meant a tension (although at times creative) between teachers (who 'don't need to know that they are using SCORM') and the design of learning, and technologists. More...

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Why the Semantic Web Will Fail

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Why the Semantic Web Will Fail
So I was just getting ready for bed last night when a thought came to me. So I popped into Blogger and spent ten minutes writing the post. Maybe I should have given it a different title - but sheesh, someone has to say it. Here is the central idea: "The Semantic Web will never work because it depends on businesses working together, on them cooperating." Readers might not like the examples that were top-of-mind last night (or my peeved state about Yahoo killing my Flickr account) but readers of this newsletter have over the last seven years seen an unending list of examples. Well, today I've been getting comments all day and - incredibly - I have, for the first time in my life, been Slashdotted. Go figure. Stephen Downes, Half an Hour March 21, 2007 [Link]. More...

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Les sportifs seraient plus intelligents que les étudiants

Les athlètes interprêtent plus vite et plus facilement le monde réel en mouvement que les jeunes qui suivent de savantes études si l’on en croit les résultats d’une étude québécoise qui vient d’être publiée. Plus...

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Une étudiante porte plainte pour une mauvaise note

La jeune américaine estime avoir été discriminée à cause de son engagement en faveur des homosexuels. Elle réclame 1,3 million de dollars en réparation à son université, car cette note l’aurait empêchée de devenir psychologue. Plus...

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Posterous Is a Brilliant Blogging Tool

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Posterous Is a Brilliant Blogging Tool
Posterous allows you to post to your blog using email. It also performs some nifty feats, such as converting photos included as attachments into a photo gallery (here's an example). Redirecting email to an application remains one of those things that it is tricky to do on your own with your own server, so Postereous performs a useful service. More...

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Syndicated Web Ratings - an Idea Whose Time has Come?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Syndicated Web Ratings - an Idea Whose Time has Come?
This is a good idea that comes up from time to time (I mention it in my Resource Profiles paper). I doubt that we could ever have a standardized rating system (there will never be global agreement on 'accuracy' or 'family-friendliness') but ratings metadata can be pretty simply encoded. Here is a simple pseudo-schema (similar in many ways to the hreview microformat) that would do the job:
- Item - item being rated (identified by URI)
- Scheme - rating scheme being used (eg., LDS family-friendliness scale)
- Field - field (eg. language use)
- Value - value (eg., 'mild profanity')
- Author - person doing the rating (identified by OpenID)
- Date - date reviewed Aggregating these provides you with a set of ratings on various resources. You can then assemble views (or 'profiles') of the resource, depending on what rating systems you use, what people you depend on for the ratings, etc. This is how we'll do it, eventually - it's just a matter of people collecting ratings and posting them as simple XML. More...

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Believing in Education As Cure-All

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Believing in Education As Cure-All
Inassailable: "Hotel jobs that pay $20 an hour, with health and pension benefits (rather than $10 an hour without benefits), typically do so because of union organization, not because maids earned bachelor's degrees." And if people are seeking to identify in a country's decreasing competitiveness a 'skills gap', it is worth reflecting that this gap is created by increasing inequity in the country, and that it is this increasing inequity that is the cause of a country's decreasing competitiveness. As Doug Noon says, "I and most teachers, I think, have long observed that many learning difficulties seemed to be linked to domestic home-life problems, and that there are a lot more of them than there used to be. More...

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Category:Student-Generated Content

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Category:Student-Generated Content
Links to a half dozen or so studies of practices at universities using student generated content. "The purpose of this collection is to showcase specific examples of how student-generated content can be used effectively in online education. In particular, this collection has focused on examples of student-generated content which represent a significant shift from students as content consumers to students as content producers." Wiki-based, so if you have your own example, you can add to the collection. More...

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Predators and Cyberbullies: Reality Check

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Predators and Cyberbullies: Reality Check
A sentence about halfway through says it all for me: "Compare the figure of 100 adult-to-minor predation cases in 2005 to 6.9 million "cases" of teen-to-teen cyberbullying." One wonders why the media is so interested in overemphasizing the former and almost completely ignoring the latter. More...

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ITunes U dépasse le milliard de téléchargements

Le service de e-learning d’Apple atteint ce cap symbolique alors même que son existence et son succès sont menacés par l’émergence de sites comme Coursera ou la Khan Academy. Plus...

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