09 octobre 2019

The Iron Cage of Copyright

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Iron Cage of Copyright
Longtime readers will know that I have always been a reluctant supporter of Creative Commons (it shouldn't be necessary; the default should be non-commercial sharing, while commercial ownership and use constitute exceptions) and have expressed a vocal dislike for the legalese that comes with it (for example, the recent kerfuffle over the definition of 'commercial'). I agree with this sentiment. More...

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Global Governance Open Meeting

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Global Governance Open Meeting
More coverage of the LETSI meeting and the keynotes from the (increasingly irrelevant) standards bodies. Worth noting: "The meeting had the worse conference website ever. It's plastered with logos and wears the user out pretty quickly". More...

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The Web 2.0 Bubble

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Web 2.0 Bubble
An Atlantic Monthly article says Web 2.0 will fail (sound familiar?) and for the right reasons: "MySpace does not let users network meaningfully with people outside its walls, and it does not let them import some functionality that promotes or drives revenue to other corporations... as the value of social-media tools becomes inevitably unsexy and commoditized, it may be only a matter of time before the Tila Tequilas of the world, inspiration for millions of page views, decide they might as well go elsewhere. More...

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Banning MySpace--at Home

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Banning MySpace--at Home
"St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic School students were informed recently that under a new school policy, Think First, Stay Safe, the use of MySpace.com will be prohibited at school and at home." Yeah, you read it right. Apparently, it's not enough to ban MySpace at school. Which moves the issue beyond education and into the realm of thought control. More...

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I Have Met the Enemy and It Is Tribalism

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. I Have Met the Enemy and It Is Tribalism
I have no email right now.
Many of this year's themes have revolved around this idea, from my criticisms of groups to my criticisms of corporations. Jon Udell says, "Tribalism is an aspect of human nature, so it must once have served a purpose, but it no longer does. It's a piece of evolutionary baggage that we can no longer afford to carry around. I don't know if we can let go of it, but we had better at least try." Something like that is true. It's not the only problem, but it's a big one.
Anyhow. Edu-RSS and Learning Networks represent by attempt to define some sort of mechanism for community other than what is here being called tribalism. We need an alternative. I am trying on one hand to define it conceptually, and on the other to define it technologically. I've been rewriting the code over the last couple of weeks (since my vacation). It's almost ready (I am also applying to NRC to open source it - I have verbal approval - but apparently there's a form...). Anyhow, today I made a small change and rebooted my web server - which then ceased to function. Not sure what happened. Anyhow, the site is back, but all my email functions have been knocked out of commission. More...

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VON Spiel: It'S Our TV

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. VON Spiel: It'S Our TV
I frequently disagree with Jeff Jarvis, as he comes from some place where advertising is good and online media is all about business. But he also picks up technology trends really well and sees through to the essence of the thing. As in, for example, this post. "We are taking over TV," he writes. "We are reinventing TV... And this means we have a great opportunity to reinvent TV from scratch..." How? Well, this is where we disagree: "Blogs didn't do it right. Not the economic side of the equation. We bloggers make it extremely difficult for advertisers to love us..." Seems to me, that's exactly what we did get right. Advertising (even if spread through the long tail) is a mass phenomeon - it is about privileged messages exerting unearned influence through the network. More...

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How I Became A Music Pirate

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. How I Became A Music Pirate
A common message, well stated. "Does DRM drive even honest well-meaning people to piracy? Yes, of course it does." In particular, in this case, the author tries to purchase music with Windows DRM. This is designed to prevent it from ever playing on an iPod. It also prevents it from ever being played on his own computer, or even on a CD-ROM. "Call it piracy. Call it whatever you want. But at least I tried. I gave you several chances and you failed miserably at every level". More...

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By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. EduSpaces
Elgg has become EduSpaces. This has been in the works for a few weeks, but the official emails have landed in my in-box (I have a couple Elgg accounts). The URL has changed (from elgg.net to eduspaces.net), but the old URL still works. Not everything has changed over yet, including the big message on the front page that says "You can join up, learn more about Elgg here or create your own social network instantly at Elgg Spaces." The designers should also implement RSS Autodiscovery - they are about the only personal publishing provider that doesn't. More...

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Allegations From an Industry "Expert"

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Allegations From an Industry "Expert"
Richard Nantel, a Brandon Hall blogger who was missed in Tony Karrer's summary yesterday (and consequently in my list, which simply repeated his), writes in defense of his organization against an unnamed "expert" who writes that their "'researched based' reports... rely heavily of donations and payments from the platforms they 'research'." I tried to find the author of the quote, however, the discussion list is not indexed by Google. More...

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Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies: A Survey

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies: A Survey
UNESCO report (PDF) constituting an overview of ethical implications of new technologies, including things like the semantic web, identify management, RFID, and more. Taking the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a point of departure, the document does not delve deeply into any given issue but merely serves to outline the scope (as such it would be a good document for in-class discussions). In the end, the recommendation is to form a UNESCO advisory committee on the ethical implications of emerging technologies. More...

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