27 septembre 2019

Copyright Policy

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Copyright Policy
If you are involved in copyright and licensing in Canada, you don't want to miss this collection of studies, recently made public by Canadian Heritage. As Michael Geist notes, the list was recently released by the Copyright Policy Branch (and I echo his kudos to the Branch for doing this). There's a lot to absorb, but among the studies you'll want to be sure to look at Economic Impact of WIPO Ratification on Private Copying Regime ("the new outflow is from Canadian consumers to foreign copyright holders, and the new inflow is from foreign consumers to Canadian copyright holders") and also The Economic Impact of Canadian Copyright Industries - Sectoral Analysis" - take some time and look at the graphs documenting the trade deficit (outflow to foreign copyright holders) and ponder what the impact of exaggerating that deficit - through more stringent legislation and ratification of WIPO - would be. More...

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