25 septembre 2019

Politics of E-Learning Standards

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Wolfgang Greller[Edit][Delete]: Politics of E-Learning Standards, December 12, 2006
Yes: "standards are not pedagogically, culturally, or economically neutral." This is why I advocate a system of specifications that allow multiple vocabularies, multiple ontologies, multiple standards. But it does not follow, as seems to be implied especially in the conclusion of Norm Friesen's and Darryl Cressman's paper, The Politics of E-Learning Standardization (from last summer), that learning is and must always be a cottage industry. Yes, as they say, "the domains of education and learning can be understood as being especially local, heterogeneous and contextual." This makes them resistant to industrialization. But while some people treat thinks like learning objects as industrial artifacts, the bricks used as raw materials by the learning factories, I think of them in a sense that supports mass personalization, as words in a vocabulary, like a common language, that can be used to make something new each time one of them is uttered. More...

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Music Downloads in Downward Trend

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Simon Avery[Edit][Delete]: Music Downloads in Downward Trend, Globe and Mail [Edit][Delete] December 12, 2006
As expected, the digital music market has been saturated as people finish replacing and rounding out their music collection with the new format. The music industry continues to wail and gnash its teeth, however, blaming declining sales on piracy rather than poor marketing, worse technology, and indifferent quality (I mean, a album by Paris Hilton? Come on now). The comments, though, tell a different story, as writer after writer rejects the music industry's plaints, and with it, the marketing disaster that is DRM. It's unlikely that the music industry will listen - but one wonders, will the editors of the Globe and Mail get the message, and change their perspective on this issue. More...

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How to Bring Schools into 21st Century

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Unattributed[Edit][Delete]: How to Bring Schools into 21st Century, Cnn [Edit][Delete]CNN [Edit][Delete] December 12, 2006
Time magazine has caught the attention of a number of writers (and this article in CNN) with a cover story on how to "build" a student for the 21st century - language that indicates the divide between one generation of thinking about learning, and another, which asserts that learning - and learners - are grown, not built. The article (which you need to pay for, or watch an advertisement, to view) is focused relentlessly on the American perspective, but the questions (if not the answers) are international in scope. people need to think internationally, they need to learn to recognize patterns and perceive more intuitively, they need to acquire new information from new sources, and they need to interact and communicate. More...

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The Eggcorn Database

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Chris Waigl[Edit][Delete]: The Eggcorn Database, [Edit][Delete] December 12, 2006
You never know what you're going to see if you follow a mailing list long enough. Today - after several days of discussion - what showed up on ITForum was this, the 'eggcorn'. Example: saying "a different tact" instead of (the proper) "a different tack." According to the page, "They [eggcorns] tell us something about how ordinary speakers and writers make sense of the language they use." This is the sort of thing about language that both enlightens and confounds: you can use it quite incorrectly, but still be understood, and in a way more subtle and accurate than had you used it correctly. More...

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Rough Crossing

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: Rough Crossing, Google Video [Edit][Delete] December 12, 2006
My latest video, this time footage of crossing south from New Zealand's South island to Stewart Island in seas that were described to me as "choppy". Enjoy.

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Social Software, Personal Learning Environments and Lifelong Competence Development

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Graham Attwell[Edit][Delete]: Social Software, Personal Learning Environments and Lifelong Competence Development, The Wales Wide Web [Edit][Delete] December 11, 2006
Good paper that looks at the links between competencies and the personal learning environment (PLE). Attwell notes that while there has been a hostile reaction from the education community to social networking applications, research about SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) shows that people actually learn informally and socially, in communities of practice. Informal learning isn't just some uncredentialed version of formal learning, which is why recognition has been difficult. It is closely tied to practice, and practice varies from community to community. More...

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Eben Moglen on Free Software and Social Justice

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Geoffrey Glass[Edit][Delete]: Eben Moglen on Free Software and Social Justice, A Whole Minute [Edit][Delete] December 11, 2006
I posted a longish excerpt of this to ITForum today, part of a wider discussion. And I think that Eben Moglen is exactly right to focus not simply on the mechanics of open source but also on the reasons people are working on this, in this way. "We have a very special place in the history of the campaign for social justice. We have some very special infrastructure. We have new means of economic development available to us. We have got proof-of-concept. We have got running code. That's all we ever need." Oh, and the other thing. More...

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Codev2 by Lawrence Lessig

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Lawrence Lessig[Edit][Delete]: Codev2 by Lawrence Lessig, [Edit][Delete] December 11, 2006
Lawrence Lessig (I don't know him well enough to call him Larry) has launched an update of Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace. I haven't read it yet, but I'm sure everyone will be reading it this week (download it for free from the net). More...

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Digital Info Strategy Requires Courage Before Cash

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Michael Geist[Edit][Delete]: Digital Info Strategy Requires Courage Before Cash, [Edit][Delete] December 11, 2006
Some pretty straightforward advice that would cost almost nothing to implement and would greatly increase access. "The government should mandate an open access model that would require that all taxpayer-funded research be made available to the public at no charge... Ottawa could also amend the legal deposit program... by expanding the program's requirements to also include a digital copy... Crown copyright should be dropped." Of course, while all of this wouldn't cost very much, it would require politicians to confront the publishers who benefit from the current system. More...

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Communities of Practice - The Patent

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Scott Wilson[Edit][Delete]: Communities of Practice - The Patent, December 11, 2006
Yes, you read that correctly. I'm sorry. As Scott Wilson observes, "It essentially patents the idea of doing any kind of community-oriented knowledge management involving filesharing and forums involving one or more experts." How long before this becomes a full-blown crisis, and not the absurd annoyance it is now? Or are we at that point now, with absurdities like the Blackboard patent and lawsuit? See also Harold Jarche, who comments, "I remember a sign that was posted in the Officers' Mess in Wainwright, Alberta. It said, 'Let not common sense become so rare that it is mistaken for genius. More...

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