21 septembre 2019

Fewer casual positions and less out-of-hours work could help retain early career teachers

The ConversationAustralia, like many other countries, is grappling with the problem of how to keep good teachers in schools, especially those who are early in their careers.
Accurate data on the attrition are not available, but it’s estimated up to 50% of teachers leave the profession within five years of graduating. More...

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Keep your job options open and don’t ditch science when choosing next year’s school subjects

The ConversationThousands of Year 10 students are in the process of choosing subjects for their final years of school and half will probably choose to ditch science. More...

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Keen IT students can improve their marks when given a chance to learn from their mistakes

The ConversationOur traditional education system is built largely on examination that marks down students for their mistakes in any assessed work. Students don’t often get a chance to have those mistakes highlighted early on so they can correct them before any final assessment. More...

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If you want to cut bullying in schools, look at the ‘invisible violence’ in our society

The ConversationA new strategy to tackle bullying of children both inside and outside the school gates was recently released by the South Australian Department of Education. More...

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Ever wondered what our curriculum teaches kids about climate change? The answer is ‘not much’

The ConversationClimate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our society today, so you would think it would be an important topic for study in the school curriculum.
But in Australia that’s not the case. Schools and teachers are largely left to fend for themselves and use other available resources if they want to raise the issue with students. More...

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Ignoring young people’s climate change fears is a recipe for anxiety

The ConversationThousands of school students across Australia are expected to join in the global protest today calling for action on climate change. More...

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Student hunger at South African universities needs more attention

The ConversationFood insecurity at tertiary institutions is aptly described as “the skeleton in universities’ cupboards” because it receives so little attention. Those in higher education are assumed to be an elite whose minimum basic needs are met. More...

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New copyright law will benefit South Africans with disabilities

The ConversationSouth Africa’s current copyright law was enacted 41 years ago. The Copyright Act No. 98 of 1978 had no provisions for people with disabilities – and that hasn’t changed in more than four decades. More...

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Quality higher education means more than learning how to work

The ConversationWhen people talk about quality education, they’re often referring to the kind of education that gives students the knowledge and skills they need for the job market. But there’s a view that quality education has wider benefits: it develops individuals in ways that help develop society more broadly.
In Zimbabwe, for example, the higher education policy emphasises student employability and the alleviation of labour shortages. But, as my research found, this isn’t happening in practice. More...

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Bâtir un avenir durable : deux mois d’événements autour des métiers de la filière du bâtiment

Logo cap-métiersL’association Atlantech, l’Espace Régional de l’Orientation (ERO) du bassin d'emploi de La Rochelle, Cap Métiers Nouvelle-Aquitaine et leurs partenaires (Communauté d'Agglomération de la Rochelle, conseil régional, FFB, Mission locale, Tipee, Chambre des métiers et de l'artisanat, GEIQ BTP, CESI, Odeys, Université de La Rochelle) proposent, du 30 septembre au 29 novembre 2019, une série de manifestations : « Bâtir un avenir durable ». Plus...

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