20 septembre 2019

Is There Corruption in Moldova’s Universities?

Underpaid faculty members may have no choice but to seek different sources of supplemental income.
As with other segments of the public sector, higher education in Moldova may not be entirely free of corruption. Informal conversations about higher education corruption with different interested parties including students, former students, parents, and citizens bore some fruit. So, is there corruption in Moldova’s universities? Higher education in Moldova is popular, and academic degrees are in high demand. It is very popular to have a BA, MA, or doctorate
. More...

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Undiscovered Talent in Unlovely Places

By Matt Reed. On Tuesday, my college formally launched its Helping Hands Lounge. It’s a lovely, well-appointed place on the second floor that serves as both a food pantry and a peaceful retreat from the rest of the college. More...

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The Mad Scientist Vision

By Matt Reed. Michigan and New Jersey are similar in certain ways.  Both have very decentralized community college governance, with strong traditions of “home rule.”  Both have tenure systems and strong unions. Both are facing economic transitions as some of the old “blue-collar aristocrat” jobs fade away. More...

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How Do You Know When It's Time to Retire?

By Matt Reed. This is not about anyone in particular, let alone myself. It’s intended as a general question, not as a veiled hint. It’s as subtext-free as possible. More...

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"It Sounds Like Me"

By Matt Reed. Sunday afternoon:
“TG has writer’s block, and she wants you to help her.”
Finally, something in my wheelhouse.  I live on writer’s block.
“I’m working on an essay for (position in program), and I don’t know how to start”. More...

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Documentary to Showcase Education in Prison

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. The Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference Friday in Washington hosted a panel discussion and preview of a new PBS documentary series that follows incarcerated people who are pursuing college degrees. More...

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More Transferable Courses at California Community Colleges

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. Community colleges in California are offering more transfer-level math and English courses, along with support for those classes, in response to a state bill aimed at reducing the number of students funneled into remedial courses, a new report finds. More...

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Free College for All in New Mexico

HomeBy Madeline St. Amour. Proponents say universal free tuition plans like New Mexico's are the best way to boost college enrollment, but critics say it would help the least needy and do little to improve program quality. More...

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Teaching Dutch to Foreign Students

HomeBy David Matthews for Times Higher Education. Universities in the Netherlands will have a legal duty of care for their international students’ Dutch language proficiency under controversial proposed legislation designed to deal with a rapid growth in foreign admissions and English-only courses. More...

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Community College B.A. Shows Early Earnings Edge

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Graduates of bachelor's degree programs at Canadian community colleges initially earn 12 percent more than university-educated counterparts, but their advantage quickly starts to shrink. More...

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