11 septembre 2019

EduPatents: The Gathering Storm

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes, Michael Feldstein and Cable Green[Edit][Delete]: EduPatents: The Gathering Storm, Ohio Learning Network [Edit][Delete] November 28, 2006
I had a fascinating (and long - I didn't get out of the office until after 10 last night) discussion with Michael Feldstein and OLN's Cable Green on edupatents and, in particular, the Blackboard patent. In addition to some interesting back and forth between the three of us, we were also visited by Blackboard counsel Matthew Small, who added his own perspective on things near the end of the session. The Elluminate archive may be accessed directly (you'll need to install Elluminate to make it work) and an MP3 recording of the session (for those who cannot or won't install Elluminate) is also available thanks to the novel audio-capture of the Elluminate session effected by Ed Tech Talk (this is a temporary link; I'll be storing it at a permanent location on my site in a day or two). [Tags: , , ] [Comment]. More...

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