11 septembre 2019

CreativeCommonsDRM - Stephen Downes gets us talking

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Mike Seyfang[Edit][Delete]: CreativeCommonsDRM - Stephen Downes gets us talking, Learning with the Fang [Edit][Delete] November 24, 2006
Mike Seyfang (and no doubt more than a few others) disagrees with my use of the 'non-commercial' caluse in my Creative Commons license because (as I've said) "you have to let go of trying to control future use of your digital (learning object) content... so that it can be re-mixed and passed forward". The reason I use the non-commercial license is that I believe that allowing commercial use will reduce and restrict future use. In other words, I believe that the non-commercial license is the most open. Why? Because when commercial use is allowed, then companies can offer a wide range of resources in closed markets (like the school system), but only for a price - the free version of the resource will be excluded from the market by non-compete cslauses and other gerrymandering of the market. More...

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