09 septembre 2019

Where's The Library In This Partnership

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. StevenB[Edit][Delete]: Where's The Library In This Partnership, ACRLog [Edit][Delete] November 16, 2006
Leaving aside for the moment the narrow point of view in this article, highlighted in the headline, the gist is that Blackboard has struck a deal with Google to support Google Scholar, along with some other tools, into its software. Google had better be careful that Blackboard does not declare that it has invented and patented the search engine. The author expresses his concern: "Google Scholar will further marginalize the library's e-content. It also potentially puts students in a position to pay for full-text access to resources their library may already provide." Of course. More...

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Free Radicals

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Grace Rubenstein and Amy Standen[Edit][Delete]: Free Radicals, Glef [Edit][Delete]GLEF [Edit][Delete] November 16, 2006
Nice - but badly titled - account of some of the (as this article says) "so-called free, or democratic, schools, which eschew most conventions of traditional education in favor of a much more radical program." We could probably do without the attitude in this article, which seems intent on marginalizing the alternative schools, including Montessori schools. Still, don't expect change to come from anything like traditional schools. As the article says, "If reform is to come, he believes, the staging ground is in home schooling and in the independent study schools many school districts offer." The free schools offer a supportive environment, but home schooling might not (how much home schooling is motivated by a desire to indoctrinate the child?). More...

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Call for Submissions: Blogging Textbook

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Barclay Barrios[Edit][Delete]: Call for Submissions: Blogging Textbook, Kairosnews [Edit][Delete]KairosNews [Edit][Delete] November 16, 2006
Is a blogging textbook a good idea? I'm not sure - I still don't see why people aren't happy to have blogs tell the story of blogging. But at any rate, this is a call for submissions for "an edited collection of pedagogical materials on blogging to be published by Allyn&Bacon/Longman (ABL) in 2007 and to be distributed for *free* to interested instructors." I would hardly call this "unprecedented" (last year's Coming of Age is a clear precedent). More...

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e-Learning Project Management Book

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Harold Jarche[Edit][Delete]: e-Learning Project Management Book, [Edit][Delete] November 16, 2006
Harold Jarche reports, "This 192 page PDF from CeLEA covers dozens of case studies on e-learning management (focus = A-DDI-E). Almost all of the cases are academic situations, using the online course model, so this book would be best suited for those developing e-learning in higher education." Hpw much time am I going to spend with this one. More...

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Backchannel Resources

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Nancy White[Edit][Delete]: Backchannel Resources, Full Circle Online Interaction Blog [Edit][Delete] November 16, 2006
Nancy White links to a list of resources offered by Howard Rheingold on backchannel resources - that is, resources that help participants in seminars and lectures communicate with each other during the event. She also points to the other use of the term 'backchannel', "private messages that are part of the communication fabric of groups/networks/community and not always captured or visible for the full group." Quite right. More...

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Bill Gates Says U.S. Education System Needs Work

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Associated Press[Edit][Delete]: Bill Gates Says U.S. Education System Needs Work, Cnn [Edit][Delete]CNN [Edit][Delete] November 16, 2006
In a related story, educators say Microsoft needs work. The company "needs higher standards, clear accountability, flexible personnel practices and innovation." They stressed accountability. "Real accountability means more than having goals; it also means having clear consequences for not meeting the goals," including penalties for things like bugs, security flaws, and operating systems that reboot themselves without permission. Yeah - one wonders just what sort of expertise Bill Gates is bringing to the education sector. More...

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A New Website, Part Two - Choosing Drupal

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: A New Website, Part Two - Choosing Drupal, Half an Hour [Edit][Delete] November 16, 2006
The reation of my new website continues. Earlier this week, in Part One, I described the selection of a hosting services and preparation of the web server. In Part Two, I discuss the reasons I chose Drupal and begin the preparations for installing Drupal 5.0 beta on my new site. Part Three continues that description, wrapping up the software installation. Coming next: configuration and customization. [Tags: ] [Comment]. More...

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Establish Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Mark Wagner[Edit][Delete]: Establish Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals, Educational Technology and Life [Edit][Delete] November 15, 2006
When talking about groups and networks recently I have commented a few times that the person who came up with the idea of the 'vision statement' ought to be thrown out the window. That's perhaps an over-reaction, but I still disagree with advice such as this: "In order for any large-scale or long-term change to be successful in an educational institution, the organization must have a sense of mission, or what DuFour and Eaker (1998) also called a shared 'sense of purpose'." I think managers are fooling themselves if they believe they can achieve this. Yes, staff may give lip service to the vision, but in the main, they have a very different view of their purpose in life than does the manager. Compare this: "This is not unlike the imperative of moral purpose that Fullan called for (in the breadth portion of this KAM)." How many people want their morality defined by their managers? Or even determined through some sort of group process of shared vision? Vision and morality - these are personal, and not the subject of some sort of subsumption to a corporate authority. More...

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Getting Songs Off An iPod

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Scott Gilbertson[Edit][Delete]: Getting Songs Off An iPod, Monkey Bites [Edit][Delete] November 15, 2006
If you are one of those people who thought your iPod was useful, and then discovered you can't get your songs off them, then these apps are for you: iPod Access and iPod Rip. I also read (but cannot verify) that you can get your songs off an iPod using MS Windows as follows: uninstall any iPod or iTunes software, plug your iPod in to the USB port, turn it on, open 'My Computer', open the 'iPod' directory, navigate iPod's internal directories, copy or move songs. I can confirm that this works both for my Creative Zen (RIP, battery) and my iRiver. Which is nice, because it means I have a 30 gig USB drive that I always carry with me. More...

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IP, the Information Age and YouTube

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Wesley Fryer[Edit][Delete]: IP, the Information Age and YouTube, Moving at the Speed of Creativity [Edit][Delete] November 15, 2006
This gets it exactly right: "We live in an era where people can publish at will. Relevance is and will increasingly be a function of digital accessibility. You want to be relevant? Give away your ideas. Want to become irrelevant? Create a walled garden that keeps out more people than it lets in. You'll be sure to limit your audience, and therefore reduce your relevance and potential impact on the world. More...

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