09 septembre 2019

Getting Songs Off An iPod

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Scott Gilbertson[Edit][Delete]: Getting Songs Off An iPod, Monkey Bites [Edit][Delete] November 15, 2006
If you are one of those people who thought your iPod was useful, and then discovered you can't get your songs off them, then these apps are for you: iPod Access and iPod Rip. I also read (but cannot verify) that you can get your songs off an iPod using MS Windows as follows: uninstall any iPod or iTunes software, plug your iPod in to the USB port, turn it on, open 'My Computer', open the 'iPod' directory, navigate iPod's internal directories, copy or move songs. I can confirm that this works both for my Creative Zen (RIP, battery) and my iRiver. Which is nice, because it means I have a 30 gig USB drive that I always carry with me. More...

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