09 septembre 2019

Connectivism: Learning Theory or Past Time for the Self-Amused?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. George Siemens[Edit][Delete]: Connectivism: Learning Theory or Past Time for the Self-Amused?, Elearnspace [Edit][Delete]ELearnSpace [Edit][Delete] November 15, 2006
Asked to review George Siemens's paper on Conectivism, Bijdrage van Plon Verhagen from the University of Twente treats readers to a detailed criticism of the paper. The review prompted Siemens to write a (self-admitted) meandering reply. As Siemens (accurately) summarizes, "Verhagen's criticisms are broadly centered on three areas: 1. Is connectivism a learning theory or a pedagogy? 2. The principles advocated by connectivism are present in other learning theories as well. 3. Can learning reside in non-human appliances?"
Taking as his cue the third criticism, Siemens launches on a long discourse on epistemology. I wish he had taken more time and written a shorter paper (yeah - like I'm one to complain about this!) to more sharply identify just how it's a new theory about learning and not merely a new pedagogy. Still, it's a fun, if somewhat loosely organized, romp through the theory of knowledge. More...

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