09 septembre 2019

Google Earth Adds Additional Educational Content

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Tim Lauer[Edit][Delete]: Google Earth Adds Additional Educational Content, Education/Technology [Edit][Delete] November 14, 2006
Tim Lauer reports, "Last week Google added quite a bit of new featured content to their Google Earth application. This includes historical maps from the Rumsey Maps Archive, two layers that deal with Africa, and imagery from the European Space Agency." What I really like is that this is showing clearly how to put the education into the application, rather than (as is much more common) trying to put the application into the education. Like this look at using Skype in education (by Jeff VanDrimmelen) for example. Instead of asking, "How can I use Skype in a classroom" we should be asking "How can I make learning part of the (everyday) Skype experience?" Related: Flash Earth, an mapping application built in Flash (not sure why we need that, personally). More...

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