05 septembre 2019

Squeakfest 2006 Report

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Bob Irving[Edit][Delete]: Squeakfest 2006 Report, October 3, 2006
Hm. "It is self-indulgent of us as teachers to say that we can spend 3 hours a week with a student and give them wonderful experiences. What about the billion other children on the planet? What about the rest of the hours for that child? Our task is to identify powerful ideas that have been dis-empowered. Then re-empower them." A lot of people have called me radical and idealistic over the last week. More...

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To Ungroup a Class

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Konrad Glogowski[Edit][Delete]: To Ungroup a Class, Blog of Proximal Development [Edit][Delete] October 3, 2006
Continuing the conversation on groups and networks. Konrad Glogowski observes, "Putting my students into groups would have led many of them to acquiesce to the presence of a louder or more confident peer... Groups tend to focus on compromises, on reducing all individual voices to commonalities that all members can agree on and that all members see as somehow representative of their individual voices... We reduce its rich constituent parts to one voice". More...

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A Recent Conversation on Blogging for The Vermont State Colleges

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Barbara Ganley[Edit][Delete]: A Recent Conversation on Blogging for The Vermont State Colleges, bgblogging [Edit][Delete] October 3, 2006
I like the way Barbara Ganley very clearly connects the use of blogs in learning with a new approach to learning. "... now that we have online communications and identity formation, we have an opportunity to put into actual practice learning as conversation with the subject matter, with others, with thinkers who have come before us. Then we will consider the learner's connections to prior learning, to cultural backgrounds, to self, to the world, to the workplace and to us as interconnected, constantly evolving influences on the learning. We will no longer isolate our classroom discourse, or our students. More...

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Yarn. Again.

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Bud Hunt[Edit][Delete]: Yarn. Again., But the Teacher [Edit][Delete] October 3, 2006
Is what I am saying about networks that radical, despite the protestations here there and everywhere? No! It's not even that original, if you look at it closely. And it is being stated widely, if people would just look. Witness: "The reason for the yarn? I wanted people to see the connections that they have to their colleagues... Participants wanted me to show then how to blog and podcast with their students -- I rejected that idea. More...

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Curverider Conference Presentations - On Video

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dave Tosh[Edit][Delete]: Curverider Conference Presentations - On Video, October 3, 2006
Nice. This is the way to present conference coverage. Alsong with notes and summaries and blog posts of course. Chris McKillop talking about blogging and storytelling in education. Miles Berry on Elgg. Bill Fitzgerald talks about Drupal. And Kevin Jardine discusses OpenID (or so it says - I listened and it didn't really address OpenID). These talks are 15 minutes, on average - is this the standard now? Hm. More...

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Blackboard Conference Call, Part II

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Michael Feldstein[Edit][Delete]: Blackboard Conference Call, Part II, E-Literate [Edit][Delete] October 3, 2006
Michael Feldstein gives Blackboard credit for answering his questions (I don't - it was just a needed warmup for court) and then summarizes the general non-responsiveness offered by the company in its conference call last week. What I glean from the conversation - given that Blackboard won't open its patents, won't allow royalty-free use of them, won't abandon its lawsuit, etc., is that it intends to own the e-learning market. More...

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Turnitin vs. Student Intellectual Property Rights

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Tom Hoffman[Edit][Delete]: Turnitin vs. Student Intellectual Property Rights, Ed-Tech Insider [Edit][Delete] October 3, 2006
I know it's a long newsletter today, but I just have to echo Tom Hoffman's sentiments about Turnitin, which he posted about 10 days ago: "I can't see how a school can compel students to grant the use of their work to a commercial venture and then turn around and lecture to them about the ethics of file-sharing and the like". More...

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moka5 LivePCs

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors[Edit][Delete]: moka5 LivePCs, October 3, 2006
today began (at about 3:00 a.m. - I hate jet lag) with me messing around with moka5 LivePCs - "Once you have your LivePC on a USB stick or iPod you can plug into any x86 computer, do your thing, unplug and leave nothing behind." It is ending now with me about to reboot after uninstalling the software. Was it a dud? Not at all. But I'm just trying to cram too much onto this one tiny laptop. More...

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The Future of the Internet II

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Janna Quitney Anderson and Lee Rainie[Edit][Delete]: The Future of the Internet II, Pew [Edit][Delete] October 2, 2006
It's hard to believe they didn't ask me to contribute! LOL. Then again, it's the Pew Internet and American Life Project. And it's not like I would have differed substantially from the main thrust of the report, though I wouldn't have worried one whit about 'refusenik' terrorism (I mean, really now, come on, let's get serious). More...

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Students Rebel Against Database Designed to Thwart Plagiarists

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Maria Glod[Edit][Delete]: Students Rebel Against Database Designed to Thwart Plagiarists, Washington Post [Edit][Delete] October 2, 2006
Well this is a good point. How can anti-plagiarism services operate without ignoring copyright? "They object to Turnitin's automatically adding their essays to the massive database, calling it an infringement of intellectual property rights." It's a good point, as is the presumption of guilt implicit in use of the service. More...

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