03 septembre 2019

Germany Strikes Deal With Springer Nature

HomeBy David Matthews for Times Higher Education. Research-intensive universities will see costs rise by up to 50 percent; teaching-oriented institutions will see costs slashed. More...

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Making the Most of External Reviews: Part 3

HomeThe last thing you want to have happen after you receive your annual review report is to have it just sit on a shelf, writes Karlyn Crowley. More...

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Making Your Case

HomeCourtney C. W. Guerra provides advice on how to successfully compile a compelling renewal or tenure dossier. More...

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Retaining Faculty of Color: Costs and Consequences

HomeMichael Johnson Jr. provides some concrete suggestions for how institutions can improve their campus climate and quality of life for such faculty. More...

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Teaching in the Age of Me Too

HomeEric S. Yellin was nervous about teaching a course based on a false rape accusation but found he was wrong to be so anxious -- and that the experience offered four lessons for instructors. More...

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Collaboration as Career Value

HomeKnowing and articulating your approach to working with others can be an asset on the job market, writes Joseph Stanhope Cialdella. More...

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5 Tips for Creating a Productive Writing Group

HomeThomas Seweid-DeAngelis describes how to go about building and maintaining a successful one for graduate students.
Academic work can feel very isolating. Research, reading and writing in graduate school are often solitary acts. We labor alone with only our doubts and anxieties to accompany us. More...

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What We Measure Is What We Value

HomeThe tenure and promotion documents currently floating around our colleges and universities do not necessarily reflect what should be rewarded, argues Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt. More...

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There Has to Be a Better Way

HomeMust mandatory diversity and antiharassment trainings consistently conjure up dread, sarcasm and contempt? Deborah J. Cohan suggests some improvements. More...

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HomeA poem by Laurence Musgrove about the beginning of a class.

When I start class with a period
Of sitting meditation and quiet,
I often ask my students to put
A hand over their hearts
So they can feel their chests
Rising and falling with breath,
Their bodies beginning to slow
So their minds know where to go. More...

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