30 août 2019

5 fundamental truths about reputation and branding

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Reputation and branding are the pillars of attracting the right students, competing for resources and strengthening your institution. But what is the difference between reputation and branding, and what do you need to do to create and sustain a good reputation and a strong brand? Start with these five fundamental truths, and dive deeper at the workshop at EAIE 2019 in Helsinki. More...

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A border too far

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Not only does Brexit create a sense of division between us, including between politicians and parliament, but it also goes against the grain: it ploughs carelessly over the seeds of progress on topics like European integration. More...

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Research, rankings and Brexit

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As most people know by now, Brexit constitutes a significant change in the UK’s position in the European Union, and more significantly, globally. At this stage in the story, it is difficult to know which path Brexit will take, but it is clear that Humpty Dumpty cannot easily be put back together. More...

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Bracing for Brexit

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The unfolding story of Brexit has been cause for significant reflection for all who work in international education in Europe. From partnerships, to mobility, to personal perspectives from those most affected, the 2019 issue of Summer Forum delves into our current moment in the ongoing Brexit saga, its effects on internationalisation so far, and practitioners’ thoughts on bracing for the uncertainties of the future. More...

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Finland’s ode to literacy: Helsinki Central Library Oodi

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On 26 March 2019, Helsinki's new central library Oodi welcomed its millionth visitor, less than four months after opening its doors. By that time, Oodi had issued 9000 library cards, and approximately 60% of Oodi's books were on loan, including most children's books. Daily visitors averaged 8000, and the number had reached 20,000 on the busiest days. More...

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CWUR Measures Quality of Students and Faculty

The Center for World University Rankings was based in Jeddah but has now moved to the United Arab Emirates. The Center publishes world university rankings, country rankings and subject rankings. These rankings avoid surveys and information submitted by institutions. Instead they assess Quality of Education, Alumni Employment, Quality of Faculty, and Research Performance through publicly accessible databases. The results are fairly similar to conventional research-based rankings with the upper levels dominated by British and American universities.
It is noticeable that Japanese and Israeli universities perform very well here. The University of Tokyo is 13th overall and 6th for alumni employment. The Weizmann Institute of Science is 58th and 17th for quality of education. More...

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Building university visibility - Ranking conference in Poland

Aside of the analysis of the position of Polish universities in global rankings, the conference focused on the experience of other countries in building research universities and improving the management of the research. The conference took place in a very special time for the higher education in Poland, just a few months after the Parliament passed the new “Law on Higher Education and Science”. The new law is primarily aimed at improving research and enhance internationalization brings radical changes to the way the academic life functions in Poland. More...

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Moscow Third University Mission Conference

"The Third University Mission" international conference, dedicated to the cooperation between universities and society  attended by over 260 delegates from 23 countries was held in Moscow November 30 and December 1. The conference was timed to the release of the new issue of Moscow International University Ranking "The Three University Missions". More...

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HackerRank’s Top Universities for Developer Skills

HackerRank a technology company that assesses student software developer skills on behalf of potential employers. It has just released rankings based on 14 million student assessments covering four criteria, Problem Solving, Language Proficiency, Data Structure Knowledge, and Computer Science Fundamentals. More...

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