26 août 2019

Le CESE préconise le développement des SCIC pour les activités sportives

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. L'avis avance des propositions variées et innovantes dont la 11 Afin de permettre aux clubs qui le souhaitent d'associer toutes les parties prenantes et d'enrichir leur offre par des prestations marchandes, le CESE préconise d'autoriser le statut de société coopérative d’intérêt collectif (SCIC)et d'étendre l’obtention de l’agrément sport aux SCIC et non plus aux seules associations. Plus...

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Les Rendez vous de Grenelle semblent avoir disparu

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. Alors qu'il se confirme que Les données mensuelles sur l'emploi sont publiées de plus en plus tardivement puisque ce 16 juillet ne sont pas encore parus les chiffres du mois d'Avril, il faut aussi constater que les Rendez vous de Grenelle, instaurés par Muriel Pénicaud pour un échange régulier sur les données de l'emploi ne sont plus à l'ordre du jour. Plus...

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La Garantie Jeunes dans le rapport sénatorial sur l'exécution du budget 2018 : une réelle progression

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. Comme nous l'avons annoncé dans Exécution du budget 2018 : sous consommation pour les PEC et le PIC constate le Sénat, nous revenons sur le volet concernant la Garantie Jeunes du rapport des deux rapporteurs spéciaux de la mission Travail et Emploi. Plus...

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L'ESS, alternative à la vocation logistique dans le Pôle Métropolitain d'Artois

Alternatives EconomiquesSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. Le PMA, Pôle Métropolitain d'Artois,  regroupe les agglomérations de Lens-Liévin, Hénin-Carvin et Béthune-Bruay et près de 600 000 habitants. Plus...

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Great Shot - Where'd You Take That?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stewart Butterfield[Edit][Delete]: Great Shot - Where'd You Take That?, Flickr [Edit][Delete] August 29, 2006
Flickr has added (finally) geotagging to its photo metadata, which means that photographers can place their photos on a map. This article describes the process. I tested the system and geotagged my photos from Halifax - here is one of the photos, and you can see the geotag information in small print on the right side ("Taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia (map)"). What is interesting to me is how this sort of metadata specification is being developed - not all at once, handed down as though a Bible from a body of experts, but iteratively, one item at a time, after a lot of experimentation and commenting about it. I would say that more people, and more time, was involved in developing this one item of metadata than was involved in the whole first version of the IMS protocols. And if you try it, you will see some of the results of this - like the location privacy setting! Also - note how, when the protocol was introduced, phtographers also got an easy tool for creating such metadata. More...

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By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Bronwen[Edit][Delete]: Bronwen, August 29, 2006
People like Bronwen should be celebrated (and also held up as evidence that people are engaged in society, even if they have (for good reason) given up on the political process). She said, on the news item tonight, "I was bullied for nine years, and then I became a bully myself. So I've seen both sides." On her website she writes, "I am no longer suffering, but the effects linger. Sometimes when I take on a big project (like this album) I hear the little voices in my head saying youre not good enough, youre not popular enough, youre not pretty enough, people wont like you. More...

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Where I'm Coming From

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Jay Cross[Edit][Delete]: Where I'm Coming From, Internet Time [Edit][Delete] August 29, 2006
My comment was simply swallowed up by Jay Cros's website; maybe it was accepted, maybe it was filtered, maybe it just disappeared (please, people, if you are modertaing comments, add a notice to your website, and if your system filters spam, at least let commentators know - I spent way too much time today trying to post comments on people's websites). Anyhow, what I said to this post, in essence, is this: We are all coming from somewhere. And when I write, if you see an anger in my writing, it is because I am coming from somewhere too. More...

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Free Electronic Textbooks Include Advertisements

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. cel4145[Edit][Delete]: Free Electronic Textbooks Include Advertisements, Kairosnews [Edit][Delete]KairosNews [Edit][Delete] August 29, 2006
Once again, people will be out and about, saying "what's the harm?" Here is my acid test: can I buy advertisements in the textbooks for things like Buy-nothing Day, or condemning the use of child-labour in the production of shoes in sweatshops? No? I certainly can't advertise these things (and many others) on television. And if I can't buy these advertisements, then it's not just about the free market at work, it's about the propaganda. Think about it. More...

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Ethics and Codes

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: Ethics and Codes, Half an Hour [Edit][Delete] August 29, 2006
There's is something I can't quite put my finger on with regard to recent proposals that students be taught an internet 'code of ethics' but I think I'm getting close. In response to a post from Dave Warlick today, I wrote, in essence, that "the problem is that ethical codes presuppose that ethical questions are settled, but thy are far from settled." Consider downloading, for example - people (including Warlick) still treat file sharing as unethical, and yet it's as though they had never seen the opposing view. So what's going on? Do we just say some things are unethical, by fiat? Do we remove all option, all choice, all thought in the matter? And who benefits when certain behaviours - such as file sharing - are deemed unethical, and other behaviours - such as corporate influence over media - are not? Tom Hoffman is also puzzled, and, I suspect, for similar reasons (I owe both Tom Hoffman and Norm Friesen more discussion on points they've raised, and I hope they'll be patient with me). [Tags: ] [Comment]. More...

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How Many Calories Are in Coke Zero?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. William Draves[Edit][Delete]: How Many Calories Are in Coke Zero?, Nine Shift [Edit][Delete] August 29, 2006
I've been posting away today, a bit irritably. It's a sick day for me today, as I have a nasty sore throught, I'm a bit feverish, and I'm taking medication that won't let me sleep. I'm trying to get my work done before I leave on a month-long trip to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand this Friday, some work that I want to do, like my video, and other work I don't want to do, like participate in research projects that have utterly nothing to do with my interests or expertise. My computer is acting up - the internet is very slow today, and the keyboard (yes, the one that had mixed nuts in it, though I cleaned them out) is skipping letters at random. So I'm irritable today. Nobody's fault, really - except maybe the provincial government's, since they made me wade my bicycle through this huge pond in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere on Sunday evening. More...

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