24 août 2019

3 Takeaways from this Week's 2U / OPM News

By Joshua Kim. On stock market valuations, the need for nuance, and the opportunity for a more scholarly conversation. More...

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4 Things to Say to Your Dean/Provost About the 2U/OPM News

By Joshua Kim. How should you respond to your dean's/provost's concerns after last week's 2U/OPM news?
Say a dean or provost happen to read "A Reckoning for 2U, and OPMs?" and wants to know what this means for your college. More...

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'Late Bloomers' and Non-Traditional Academic Careers

By Joshua Kim. A book to help us make sense of our non-linear professional lives. More...

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Unpacking 2U's New $24K Online Undergrad Degree

By Joshua Kim. 7 thoughts on the University of London’s new online undergraduate degree in data science and business analytics. More...

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'Digital Transformation' and the University

By Joshua Kim. What might the convergence of cloud computing, big data, IoT, and AI mean for us. More...

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From Digital to Academic Transformation

By Joshua Kim. What 4 components would you choose. More...

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Is Online Learning the Electric Car of Higher Ed?

By Joshua Kim. The WSJ is reporting that GM and Volkswagen plan to stop producing hybrids and instead focus on building the market for electric vehicles. Over the next four years, GM will introduce 20 fully electric vehicles worldwide. Volkswagen is investing billions in developing battery-powered models. More...

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5 Reasons Why BU's $24K MBA Is A Big Deal

By Joshua Kim. Why I’m intrigued.
The newly announced $24K BU MBA, created in partnership with edX, is a big deal. More...

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Proposing A DIAL Framework of Alt-Ac Career Progression

By Joshua Kim. RIME (Reporter, Interpreter, Manager, Educator) is a framework that is widely used in the world of medical education. Medical students are expected to progress through the four stages of RIME through their clinical years. More...

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Réforme de certifications dans l'enseignement artistique

Logo cap-métiersLe régime des certificats d'aptitude aux fonctions de directeur d'établissement d'enseignement artistique et aux fonctions de professeur d'art dramatique ainsi que du diplôme d'Etat de professeur de cirque est modifié.
Décret n° 2019-875876 et 877 du 21 août 2019 et arrêté du 23 juillet 2019. Plus...

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