24 août 2019

Could black philanthropy help solve the black student debt crisis?

The ConversationAs a scholar in social transformation and African American studies, I’m intrigued by this question. It provides an opportunity to examine black wealth, higher education and the possibilities for alleviating debt, which in turn opens the door to new economic opportunities. More...

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Why I made an app to document the seclusion and restraint of special education students

The ConversationSchool districts are failing to accurately report when their most vulnerable students are being physically restrained or secluded. That’s according to a June 2019 report from the Government Accountability Office. More...

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Washington state’s big bet on ‘free college’

The ConversationWashington state doesn’t have a problem finding educated people to work in its booming high-tech economy – it’s just most of those people come from out of state. More...

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5 things parents need to know about ‘summer loss’

The ConversationFor instance, The Economist proclaimed in 2018: “Long summer holidays are bad for children, especially the poor.”
This headline is fairly typical of how summer loss is portrayed. Summer has come to be seen as a time when children lose as much as a month of school learning. More...

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Without school, a ‘lost generation’ of Rohingya refugee children face uncertain future

The ConversationThe boy’s eyes lit up when he talked about his dream of becoming a doctor. 
Seven-year-old “Mohammad” – not his real name – is a Rohingya Muslim from Myanmar. I met him at a learning center at a refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, in early July 2019. More...

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Should Academic Freedom Extend to Non-Faculty Academics?

By Joshua Kim. Should academic freedom extend to non-faculty academics?
The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure states:
"Freedom in research is fundamental to the advancement of truth.”
The concept of academic freedom developed at a time when there was a bright dividing line between faculty and staff. Institutions were growing in size, and supporting students required more and more work from faculty who were already overburdened by greater disciplinary specialization. Staff roles grew to take on this support of students and institutional administration. More...

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A Pearson Hypothesis

By Joshua Kim. Why I think that Pearson will (or should) abandon textbooks and go all-in with adaptive learning platforms, and why not assigning OER textbooks is educational malpractice. More...

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Volkswagen’s Electric Car Moonshot and Higher Ed in 2028

By Joshua Kim. There are two websites that I never miss a day visiting. The first is the site you are on now. The second is elecktrek.co. More...

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'The Levelling’, Higher Ed, and the End of Globalization

By Joshua Kim. A frustrating book that introduces an important conversation. More...

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'The Technology Trap' as Companion to 'Robot-Proof’

By Joshua Kim. Is this the book that higher ed folks should be reading in 2019. More...

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