21 août 2019

Court Approves Purchase of Law School by For-Profit

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A federal court has approved the acquisition of Western State College of Law by Westcliff University, a for-profit. More...

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Trans Student Suspended From Christian College

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A transgender male student was suspended by Welch College, in Tennessee, the day he had surgery to remove breast tissue, NBC News reported. More...

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UVA Adds Measures for Recruited Athletes

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The University of Virginia will no longer solicit or accept contributions from prospective athletes or their families. More...

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3 More Colleges Go Test Optional

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. This will be a record year in colleges saying students can apply without the SAT or ACT. More...

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2 Colleges Expand Religious Services

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Two religiously affiliated colleges last week announced new services for people of different beliefs.
The University of San Francisco, a Roman Catholic institution, has named Rabbi Camille Shira Angel, who has taught at the university since 2017, the university’s first rabbi in residence.
Shenandoah University, a Methodist institution, has hired Hanaa Unus, a Muslim, who is the first non-Christian to serve in the university's spiritual office. More...

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Judge Orders Neo-Nazis to Pay American U Student $700,000

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A federal judge has ordered the founder of a neo-Nazi website, and his aides, to pay the first black student body president at American University more than $700,000, The Washington Post reported. She sued him after he started a racist “troll storm” against her in 2017. The neo-Nazi did not appear in court, and it is unclear whether he will pay. More...

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‘The Assault on American Excellence’

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Author discusses his new book, which is highly critical of American colleges. More...

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Labor Department Proposes Exemption for Religious Entities

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The U.S. Labor Department has proposed an exemption for religious educational institutions and other organizations to allow them to discriminate in ways consistent with their religious views when they are serving as federal contractors. Civil liberties groups have vowed to oppose the change. More...

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Mesures en faveur des agents publics handicapés

Logo cap-métiersLa loi de transformation de la fonction publique transpose, en les modifiant, les dispositions de l'ancien code du travail sur l'obligation d'emploi (OETH), dans le statut général de la fonction publique. Plus...

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Organisation des concours dans la fonction publique territoriale

Logo cap-métiersDans la fonction publique territoriale, les concours sur titres peuvent être organisés dans les filières sociale, médico-sociale et médico-technique. Ils permettent d'attester des capacités des candidats sur présentation d'un diplôme ou d'une qualification professionnelle.
Les épreuves sont simplifiées : les candidats sont évalués au vu de leurs titres ou de leurs travaux antérieurs et d'un entretien oral. Le cas échéant, des épreuves complémentaires peuvent être organisées. Plus...

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