20 août 2019

Getting Right Down To It

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dave Warlick[Edit][Delete]: Getting Right Down To It, 2 cents Worth [Edit][Delete]2 Cents Worth [Edit][Delete] August 23, 2006

Dave Warlick posts a "Student and Teacher Information Code of Ethics." I personally think that a code of ethics is not useful, because if one believes in the ethics, the coded is not needed, and if one doesn't, the code will not be followed. Moreover, there is no need, again in my view, for an "Information" code of ethics - the basic principles apply in all areas of life: be honest, and take care not to harm others. And some of the specifics of this proposed code are, in my view, just wrong. More...

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Blackboard's Reverse Rent

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Alfred Essa[Edit][Delete]: Blackboard's Reverse Rent, NOSE [Edit][Delete] August 23, 2006
It conjures up images of your big smelly uncle moving in with you and then shaking you down for 'rent'. "Blackboard Inc. has ripped off ideas from the Intellectual Commons -- ideas small and large contributed by a community of inquirers and practitioners -- made it their 'intellectual property' and now want to charge everyone reverse rent for it.... In the meantime they have filed for other patents. What do these patents cover? Whose ideas are these? And whom will they sue next? Are you in their bullseye?" Also, Essa reminds us of the social networking patent filed by Friendster. More...

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Collaboration, Copyright, and Reclusive Math Geniuses

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Marc Meola[Edit][Delete]: Collaboration, Copyright, and Reclusive Math Geniuses, ACRLog [Edit][Delete] August 23, 2006

I am not a reclusive math genius, but I share some of their properties: "Perelman did not feel the need or obligation to participate in the traditional peer-review process, believing instead that anyone who wanted to look at his work could do so. For whatever reason, Perelman has decided to opt out of most of the social rituals of his profession, yet open access publishing has enabled him to at least share his work with the world." I think this is an important point. More...

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How Digital Games Take The Stress Out Of Assessment

Techno-News BlogAny new educational technology tool has been met with skepticism by both parents and teachers, and digital games are no different. More...

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How women created some of the world’s biggest education tech companies

Techno-News BlogLeading the way for female edtech representation globally is Daphne Koller, a Stanford University professor and creator of online learning platform, Coursera. More...

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Why Affective Computing Systems Need Synthetic Emotion

Techno-News BlogAffective computing systems, including care robots and virtual assistants, can facilitate more intimate human-machine relationships. More...

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Continuous Learning the Key to IT Skills Gap

Techno-News BlogCIOs and IT leaders struggle to fill IT positions with staff who hold the right skills. More...

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Cal State Adds Lumen Courseware to Menu of Affordable Textbooks

Techno-News BlogCalifornia State University’s Affordable Learning Solutions (AL$) initiative has partnered with Lumen Learning to make courseware from the open educational resources provider available to faculty and students across the system. More...

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Colleges expand esports programs to keep pace with growing industry

Techno-News BlogEsports are live video game competitions, held either online or in venues with an audience where the competition is also broadcast to online channels. Popular titles include League of Legends and Fortnite, and the games are played by amateurs and professionals alike. It’s a growing industry, in which money is made from activities such as streaming, franchising and sponsorships. Global esports revenues are expected to hit $1.1 billion this year, up 27% from last year, according to market research firm Newzoo, which provides gaming and esports analytics. More...

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The Future of Work in America

Techno-News BlogAutomation technologies promise to deliver major productivity benefits that are too substantial to ignore. More...

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