12 juillet 2019

Microsoft Kickstarts the Live Brand

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Ross Dawson[Edit][Delete]: Microsoft Kickstarts the Live Brand, Trends in the Living Networks [Edit][Delete] August 5, 2006
The flagship of Microsoft's 'Live' brand, Microsoft Live Spaces, has just launched. The first thing it did when I went to access it was to lose my original Spaces site, forcing me to replace it with a new one - I have no idea how to get the old one back, so it's destined to languish, unreachable, until the end of time. More...

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10 Drupal Modules You Can't Live Without

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Nick Lewis[Edit][Delete]: 10 Drupal Modules You Can't Live Without, Nick Lewis: The Blog [Edit][Delete] August 5, 2006
As I get nearer and nearer to actually doing work to adopt Drupal (read: maybe when I get back from circling the globe in September) articles like this are catching my interest. Especially the description of the CCK module, at number 9. More...

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Setting the IFPI Record Straight

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Michael Geist[Edit][Delete]: Setting the IFPI Record Straight, August 5, 2006
Michael Geist does his usual hard-nosed analysis of a music industry public statement, leaving sliced and diced and bleeding on the floor. So he should; "In explaining the situation in Canada, the IFPI resorts to a series of mischaracterizations and omissions." My problem is that the politicians read the IFPI reports, and not the rebuttals. When's the last time a politician ever read these pages, for example. More...

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Culture Jams, Culture Preserves

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Paul B Hartzog[Edit][Delete]: Culture Jams, Culture Preserves, Many 2 Many [Edit][Delete] August 5, 2006
If you're a Star Trek fan, be sure to check out the home-made Star Trek episodes on this site. If you're not, it is still worth reflecting that the fan video is every big as good as the commercial product. Which means that the message in culture is no longer the sole domain of the commercial media. And that is why we have copyright battles, patent fights, and the rest. More...

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Desire2Learn Patent Page, Blackboard Violating Australian Law?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors[Edit][Delete]: Desire2Learn Patent Page, Blackboard Violating Australian Law?, August 5, 2006
The Blackboard story continues non-stop, so I'm throwing together an extra issue today to keep up. While I'm at it, I'm giving you a glimpse of my Saturday reading, a little more geeky than the usual weekday fare - but remember, this is a day off for me, so this is what I'm reading for fun.
Anyhow, first thing this morning came an email from Desire2Learn head John Baker letting me know about the company's patent information page. The text of the message reporduced here a few days ago may be found on the site, along with the full text of the patent and the letter of complaint. It also includes links to 477 pages of communication between Blackboard and the USPTO. More...

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Dubai Rating of International Branch Campuses

The growth of branch campuses throughout the world has made their evaluation and accreditation increasingly important. More...

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Asia Pacific: Korean Universities Take the Lead for Innovation

The latest edition of Reuters’ Asia Pacific Most Innovative Universities is dominated by South Korea. First on this year’s list of 75 universities is Seoul National University, followed by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH). More...

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Independent rating of HEI of the Kyrgyz Republic – 2019

The IAAR rating is considered as a tool for assessing the HEI’s performance, its ability to satisfy state demand, and at the institutional level it is viewed as an opportunity to improve quality management, academic services monitoring, recognition of programs and competitiveness of the teaching staff. More...

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Shanghai Subject Rankings: France and China Perform Well

Subject rankings have become increasingly influential in influential in recent years. It is likely that they provide useful information for students and other stakeholders. More...

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Nature Index: Western Europe and US Continue to Decline

Nature Index is a ranking of institutions and countries based on their publications in a limited number of highly selected journals in the natural sciences. It is therefore a reliable guide to changes in the quality of research. The USA continues to hold the lead but China is catching up rapidly. More...

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