12 juillet 2019

The Importance of Being Open

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Andy Powell[Edit][Delete]: The Importance of Being Open, eFoundations [Edit][Delete] November 1, 2006
I have started uploading some of my PowerPoint slide presentations into Slideshare and am sympathetic with the observations in this post. "It is hard not to be tempted to make simplistic comparisons between JORUM and Slideshare and the other social tools... but I wonder how the 1200 resources deposited into JORUM over the last 11 or so months compare with the rate of presentations being deposited into Slideshare currently (even while it is still in beta)?" Why is this? It's hard to say, but the author suggests, "I think we fell foul of being too rigid in the use of a particular set of standards." Also, "Does JORUM's current registration process indicate a trust in the end-user?" When you create an online service, making it hard to use and restrictive makes it less likely people will use it. More...

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