12 juillet 2019

Why It Takes a Doctorate to Beat Inflation

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Unattributed[Edit][Delete]: Why It Takes a Doctorate to Beat Inflation, University Business [Edit][Delete] October 25, 2006
This short and odd item is characterized by audacity more than anything else. From the Wall Street Journal (the original is obscured behind a subscription wall, so we thank University Business for the copyright-bending four paragraph excerpt), the point of the article is to note, "wages of college grads have fallen on average, after adjusting for inflation, in the past five years." Why? Well, there's this: "Labor's slice of the apple is smaller and corporate profits' slice is larger." But the article would like you to believe "that's probably temporary" and that the "more lasting trend" is "the very best-paid workers [PhDs, in other words] are getting the bulk of the raises." Like I said, audacity. I have never seen a time when the corporate share was shrinking. More...

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