06 juillet 2019

The Relentless Pace of Alt-Ac Careers

By Joshua Kim. Exactly nobody worries about burnout among alternative academics. After all, why should colleges and universities worry about the wellness of alt-acs. More...

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Arguing Against 'Range' by Sharing What I Don't Know About Online Education

By Joshua Kim. Range is almost irresistibly convincing. Carefully reasoned. Expertly written.  Finish reading Range, and you will come away questioning your assumptions about the value of deliberate practice and deep specialization.  Your mind will be broadened, and your perspective will be enlarged. More...

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Tyler Cowen, 'Big Business', and the Role of Companies in Higher Ed

By Joshua Kim. If capitalism is so good for the world, why shouldn't it be good for non-profit universities as well. More...

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Technology and 6 Higher Ed Worries

By Joshua Kim. The higher ed issues that occupy my mind include:
1. Public disinvestment
2. Fragile colleges
3. Student costs
4. Contingent faculty
5. Bending the cost curve through personalization at scale
6. Managing non-profit/for-profit partnerships
What would you add to this list?
The problem with edtech, as I see it, is that too often the conversation leads with technology. More...

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Is There a Rational Counterargument to 'Clear and Present Safety’?

By Joshua Kim. Plus 6 other books that we should require all college students (and misanthropic academics) to read to convince them that the world is getting better, and that they should all stop worrying so much. More...

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'Power Trip' and Energy Studies as a Liberal Arts Major

By Joshua Kim. With a list of 8 other books on energy that I’ve reviewed for IHE.
Is energy an academic discipline? Are there academic departments of energy? Can students at liberal arts institutions major in energy. More...

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Can Krueger's Superb 'Rockonomics' Help Us Understand Higher Ed Economics?

By Joshua Kim. We need a name for higher ed economics that is half as good as rockonomics.  Some ideas: academiconomics, universityonomics, collegeonomics. More...

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Emotions, Academic Work, and 'No Hard Feelings’

By Joshua Kim. A Ph.D. is a prerequisite for most academic leadership roles (president, provost, dean).  Some large proportion of people with “director” in their titles (such as myself) are also terminally degreed. More...

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33 Online Education Questions Inspired by Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report

By Joshua Kim. Parsing a 333 slide deck through a digital learning lens.
In an alternate universe, Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trend Report focuses solely on online education. More...

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Applying Jared Diamond's 12 Factor Upheaval Framework to Higher Ed

By Joshua Kim. One way that Upheaval has been criticized is Diamond’s attempt to apply a personal crises framework to nations. More...

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