05 juillet 2019

Information Literacy for 21st Century Learners

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Joyce Valenza[Edit][Delete]: Information Literacy for 21st Century Learners, July 26, 2006
I haven't looked at this, but George Siemens writes, "Joyce Valenza has posted a great .ppt resource on Information Literacy for 21st Century Learners. She brings together tools like blogs, wikis, podcasts...and contrasts the nature of learners today with the nature of effective research (using sources beyond Google). She covers a significant swath (though much of it at an introductory level). More...

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ICT in Education in Colombia

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: ICT in Education in Colombia, Half an Hour [Edit][Delete] July 26, 2006
Today has been a busy day of papers and meetings. I have blogged four talks from this morning, all collected on my other website. ICT in Education in Colombia was first, then High-Speed Connectivity in Spain and the World, then Internet 2: Educational Uses of Advanced Networks and finally Inter-Institutional Academic Networks. This afternoon was talken up with meetings with university and education ministry officials, so I didn't have time to do much reading. I have some photos, and many more will follow soon. Bogota is an endlessly interesting, diverse and exciting city, one that I have come to appreciate a lot in the time I have been here. [Tags: , , ]. More...

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Back From BLC

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Darren Kuropatwa[Edit][Delete]: Back From BLC, A Difference [Edit][Delete] July 25, 2006
Quick look at the Building Learning Communities conference, useful most of all because of the links to numerous edubloggers, many of whom are new to me (this community is growing by leaps and bounds). More...

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Once again, The Chronicle Explores the Perils of Scholarly Blogging...

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Brian Lamb[Edit][Delete]: Once again, The Chronicle Explores the Perils of Scholarly Blogging..., Abject learning [Edit][Delete]Abject Learning [Edit][Delete] July 25, 2006
I have been reading Juan Cole for a long time and have referenced him a lot in one of my other blogs. And while I respect his scholarship I am not surprised that some people would consider his promotion controversial (I would not be one of them). Still, he has handled the matter (mostly recently covered in the Chronicle, though the story is several weeks old) with a lot of class. More...

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Teacher Development key to Tech Success

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Christopher D. Sessums[Edit][Delete]: Teacher Development key to Tech Success, Christopher D. Sessums : Weblog [Edit][Delete] July 25, 2006
I do not link to sites that required reader registration, so I am thankful to Christopher D. Sessums for quoting this article at length. The report surveys a largish poll taken of K-12 teachers about the integration of technology in the classroom, and the main result seems to be that the need for professional development is significant. That said, note Sessums's comments at the end of the article. More...

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You Gotta Serve Someone

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. David Maister[Edit][Delete]: You Gotta Serve Someone, July 25, 2006
I bought my first 'new' Bob Dylan album in 1980. It was 'Slow Train Coming' and as I listened to the lyrics from the first song, "You gotta serve somebody," I wondered whether I had missed the boat on being a Dylan fan; perhaps his relevant work was now long behind him. It turns out the advice in the song was rather more relevant than I would have expected, though I was not wise enough at the time to see why. "It's the paradox of professionalism: the more you put yourself first, the less people want to work with you and the less of life's rewards you get. The more you focus on serving others, the more they want to be with you and give you what you want." Yes, it's also in Carnegie. More...

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Bogota, Colombia

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: Bogota, Colombia, July 25, 2006
I meant to send a newsletter yesterday, but I ended up in Panama instead. But I did have a nice few hours in New York on the way; here are my New York photos (amazing what you can do in four hours). Anyhow, after a late arrival last night, I am now settled into my hotel room here in Bogota, Colombia, where I will be speaking on learning objects and repositories at a national conference. More, much more, to come in the days ahead. [Tags: , , , ]. More...

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The HUB (School Your Way)

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Unattributed[Edit][Delete]: The HUB (School Your Way), WalMart [Edit][Delete] July 21, 2006
Marc Canter linked to this with the suggestion that the people in this online community are not real. It's hard not to agree; this seems to be a pretty clear example of astroturfing. But what is the message? Not good: for boys, school is all about playing sports and having fun. For girls, it's all about shopping, style, and having fun. The site promotes a message of "do your own thing" - but it's mostly about conformity and consumption. And for both guys and girls (or "ladies") three of the five "hot" outfits include military wear. More...

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A Discussion about Communities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dave Comier and Jeff Lebow[Edit][Delete]: A Discussion about Communities with Nancy White, Ed Tech Talk [Edit][Delete] July 21, 2006
I listened to this podcast this morning, a wide-ranging interview with online collaboration specialist Nancy White. Listeners will most appreciate, I think, her observations on how to manage disruptive elements in communities. She was also asked about my own view of site-specific online communities (they have a boundary, she said, "this is my arms making a big 'O'"). Sometimes a sense of place and common purpose is needed. More...

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Tapping Into Social Networking for E-Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors[Edit][Delete]: Tapping Into Social Networking for E-Learning, Australian Flexible Learning Framework [Edit][Delete]Australian Flexible Learning Framework [Edit][Delete]Australian flexible Learning Framework [Edit][Delete] July 21, 2006
The RSS item (which doesn't appear on the link at all - it was dated June 19 but only showed up in my feed reader today) read, "Almost 800 people from Australia and overseas participated in Tapping into social networking for e-learning, a free online event discussing the latest technological developments in the world of education and training." The event was held June 15 - 16. I was a bit sceptical of the headline because the discussion forums you can easily access from the main page looked pretty empty. And I wasn't encouraged by the use of Elluminate for the online forums. More...

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