05 juillet 2019

In a Globalised World, Mediocre Teaching is Doomed

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Peter Wood[Edit][Delete]: In a Globalised World, Mediocre Teaching is Doomed, Mercator Net [Edit][Delete] July 26, 2006
Why, you ask? "In the United States, more and more families are opting out of public schools for home schooling, private schools, and charter schools. Parents are ambitious for their children and don't want to jeopardise their futures by giving them intellectually impoverished educations." Of course, this doesn't eliminate mediocre teaching, it merely ensures that rich people will not have to suffer it. And who is at fault here? The unions, of course. Sheesh. George Siemens linked to this today.In any case, the entire premise is wrong. The rich will get personalized service, as they always do, and pay way too much for it. As for the rest of us plebes, online technologies will greatly reduce the gap, allowing even mediocre teaching to be more than enough to suffice. More...
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