04 juillet 2019

London Grid for Learning - the dangers of DIY

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Miles Berry[Edit][Delete]: London Grid for Learning - the dangers of DIY, Miles Berry :: Weblog [Edit][Delete] July 11, 2006
Miles Berry says of the London Grid for Learning's (LGfL's) Briefing for Local Authorities and Schools (MS-Word doc) on 'Learning Platforms' that "The apparent degree of bias and prejudice throughout this document is frankly astonishing: it seems to me that LGfL are seriously rattled by the number of London schools opting for open source or their own choice of commercial 'learning platforms' rather than sticking with the Digital Brain powered LGfL solution." What follows is a sustained attack on the document. For some reason, LGfL seems to thing of open source as do-it-yourself (DIY) and caution against the dangers of such an approach. More...

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Feature - Download a la Mode Series

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Miguel Guhlin[Edit][Delete]: Feature - Download a la Mode Series, Around the Corner [Edit][Delete] July 10, 2006
It's hard to go wrong with resource, a list of basic educational technology how-to articles varying from how to install an FTP server to how ease concerns abput data theft or loss. Both text-based articles and audio recordings are available. More...

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Intel Supports the WRONG vision of 1:1 in Schools

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Wesley Fryer[Edit][Delete]: Intel Supports the WRONG vision of 1:1 in Schools, Moving at the Speed of Creativity [Edit][Delete] July 10, 2006
I have to agree with the headline. And I would add that Intel has crossed the line between pandering to fears and giving the customers what they want. The ClassMates PC is apparently an answer to the $100 computer project. But, "Teachers will be able to conduct lessons on laptops while students follow on the Classmates. If students try to surf the Web while class is in session, the computer will block them and warn them politely to pay attention." This is exactly the wrong way to use computers in the classroom. More...

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Copyright Issues

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Nancy McKeand[Edit][Delete]: Copyright Issues, Random Thoughts [Edit][Delete] July 10, 2006
With the assistance of a good media push, the TeachersPayTeachers concept has been spreading across the internet. So I appreciate this response from Nancy McKeand, who has decided to attach a Creative Commons license to her blog and explains that it is "not because I am worried about anyone stealing abything they find here but rather because I want to make a statement. More...

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Higher Ed at the Crossroads

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Tim Goral[Edit][Delete]: Higher Ed at the Crossroads, University Business [Edit][Delete] July 10, 2006
A "perfect storm" of circumstances is converging to create a crisis in the higher education system that has been in the making for years. High and increasing tutition costs, increasing student loan interest rates, issues over accreditation and articulation - all this against a background of high faculty costs, escalating infrastructure costs, and a private sector that is nipping at the heels of an increasingly embattled (and yet strangely unresponsive) public system. More...

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Beyond Bloom's Taxonomy: Rethinking Knowledge for the Knowledge Age

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Carl Bereiter and Marlene Scardamalia[Edit][Delete]: Beyond Bloom's Taxonomy: Rethinking Knowledge for the Knowledge Age, IKIT [Edit][Delete] July 10, 2006
This is an interesting idea. As Doug Belshaw comments, "The problem is that the bureaucrats who run education in many western education systems - the majority of whom have never taught - have an outdated conception of knowledge." He points to Louise Starkey, who observes that this conception "...was based on an underlying assumption that the mind behaves like a filing cabinet. This assumption is being challenged as the implications of learning in the digital age [are] explored further." She cites this paper, a 1998 proposal by Bereiter and Scardamalia that there are seven levels of increasingly sophisticated understandings of knowledge. More...

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Windows Live

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors[Edit][Delete]: Windows Live, Microsoft [Edit][Delete] July 10, 2006
Google has been getting a lot of publicity, but Microsoft has been quietly unveiling its own versions of online applications and services. This page links to beta versions of a dozen or so applications, including Expo, an online social marketplace, and Academic, articles from thousands of academic and research journals. My biggest complaint so far. More...

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Brazilians With Tiny Orange Laptops

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Unattributed[Edit][Delete]: Brazilians With Tiny Orange Laptops, L.A. Times [Edit][Delete] July 10, 2006
See, this is just false: "Serious learning will always be boring compared to the entertainment bombarding young people 24/7 these days." But explaining why it's false takes a bit more doing. It's not simply that what Mill called the "higher pleasures" appeal to more mature minds. But more mature minds are more free and more able to engage in a topic of enquiry of their own choosing and for its own reward. Not that this article, purporting to cover NECC 2006, manages anything close to insight on this. The author tries to make the point by talking about riots. More...

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Congratulations to Italy

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Roger Cohen[Edit][Delete]: Congratulations to Italy, International Herald Tribune [Edit][Delete] July 10, 2006
Congratulations to Italy on their team's win in an exciting and well-played World Cup, and to their opponents France, who would also have been deserving of a championship. We watched the game on a big screen at the market in downtown Moncton. More...

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The Metadata Enigma

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Ganesan Shankaranarayanan and Adir Even[Edit][Delete]: The Metadata Enigma, Communications of the ACM [Edit][Delete] July 7, 2006
Good paper making the point that there are numerous types of metadata, including what the author calls 'process metada' and 'quality metadata'. I am in agreement with the general point but less happy with his characterization of six types of metadata. More...

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