01 juillet 2019

Context Aware Ubiquitous Learning Environments for Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen J.H. Yang[Edit][Delete]: Context Aware Ubiquitous Learning Environments for Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Learning, Educational Technology and Society [Edit][Delete] June 20, 2006
Wide ranging paper describing a context sensitive peer to peer learning environment, including a "personalized annotation management system, and multimedia real-time group discussion system" and a "context acquisition mechanism for collecting contextual information at run time." This approach underlies a lot of the through currently being expressed in personal learning environments and demonstrates some of the concepts in tangible form. More...

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Announcing hitchhikr.com

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dave Warlick[Edit][Delete]: Announcing hitchhikr.com, 2 cents Worth [Edit][Delete]2 Cents Worth [Edit][Delete] June 20, 2006
Dave Warlick has hopped on to the Glu meme, in this case pulling together information from various sources about web conferences. It takes the conference aggregator I created for Merlot in 2003 (and NMC in 2004) one step further, bringing together Flickr images and adding a list of conferences in the right hand column. A good idea, but I have always wanted there to be some sort of conference RSS referencing system that organizers could use to really pull this together, using specific pointers in the XML rather than tags or keywords. More...

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Educational Software and Learning: Subversive Use and Volatile Design

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. David Squires[Edit][Delete]: Educational Software and Learning: Subversive Use and Volatile Design, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences [Edit][Delete] June 20, 2006
Jeremy Hiebert takes us on a welcome trip back to the writings of David Squires. In this item, Squires states the constructivist dilemma quite nicely: "In trying to design effective learning environments we may at the same time constrain the levels of freedom necessary for learners to make decisions about their own learning." His solution, "incorporated subversion," is to build the freedom into the tools. "Rather than design with constraint in mind, design with freedom and flexibility in mind." Hiebert also links us to a Squires interview from 2000 where he describes the Peripatetic Electronic Teachers. More...

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Language and Time: More on Whether the Future is Literally in Front of Us

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dave Munger[Edit][Delete]: Language and Time: More on Whether the Future is Literally in Front of Us, Cognitive Daily [Edit][Delete] June 20, 2006
This is worth bringing up, for those who believe that we all perceive one and the same reality. The basics of such a reality are space and time, right? But: "English-speakers have two conflicting representations of time. The 'ego-moving' metaphor suggests that we are moving forward through time, so 'forward' implies a later date. The 'time moving' metaphor suggests that time is like a conveyer belt, on which events move from the future to the past, so 'forward' implies an earlier date." It's easy to say we cannot debate the reality of space and time. But as soon as you press the question as to what these are, our apparent consensus falls apart. More...

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By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Alec Couros[Edit][Delete]: Shoutout, Couros Blog [Edit][Delete] June 19, 2006
Some new blogs: Technology Integration in the Classroom, by George Couros, and The Teaching Life, by Cyril Kestin. Also mailed into me this week was iSean, by Sean Lancaster. And new to me recently was pault@LTG, by Paul Trafford, who wrote an overview of the recent PLE experts' meeting. Also new to me is Mike Malloch's elearning 2.0 blog, highlighted today by Jay Cross. Cross notes, as I would like to as well, Malloch's grasp of the essentials of web 2.0: "The good systems-effects only emerge when usage becomes rich and plentiful - and that depends on an ecology in which the individual parts are simple, focused and easy to get along with, and in which the interoperability architecture makes very lightweight demands on its citizens". More...

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Google Maps Reads Google Earth Files...

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Tim Lauer[Edit][Delete]: Google Maps Reads Google Earth Files..., Education/Technology [Edit][Delete] June 19, 2006
As much as I have loved Google Earth, I have always felt limited by the fact that it is a desktop application, which meant that the nifty KML files it uses could not be used on the web. Now at least this capacity exists in Google Maps. Sort of. I tested the system using the instructions posted on the Google website. I first had to set the server's mime types - if your KML files are failing, this is probably why (see the very bottom of the instructions). Then, some of my KML files worked, like this [source]. More...

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Not Without Purpose

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Jay Cross[Edit][Delete]: Not Without Purpose, Internet Time [Edit][Delete] June 19, 2006
Article on informal learning. "Training, development, knowledge management, performance support, informal learning, mentoring, and knowing are all components of performance networks." Good enough. "Networks expand or die." I still don't believe this is true. More...

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Imbee Supports Safe Digital Networking for Kids!

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Wesley Fryer[Edit][Delete]: Imbee Supports Safe Digital Networking for Kids!, Moving at the Speed of Creativity [Edit][Delete] June 19, 2006
Some people have taken an interest in some posts on my other blog, including one on adults and learning and another on whether teaching is dead. Like most of the posts on my Half an Hour blog, they are intended less as public writings and more as exercises in which I work out my thoughts. More...

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The Students Own Education

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: The Students Own Education, Open University [Edit][Delete] June 19, 2006
Video from my talk at the Open University in Milton Keynes, England, is now available; this is the link (I'll provide an audio MP3 file as soon as I can). You can view the slides right on the video, which uses a nifty two-screen display, or you can download the slides and follow along that way. Or, if you don't want to listen to two hours of audio and video, you can read Tony Hirst's excellent summary notes. From the abstract: "Just as students are finding alternative sources of content and community, students are also in the process of defining their own learning environment, one that transcends institutional boundaries. The concept of the personal learning environment, already in discussion and development, will not merely transform learning, it will tranfer ownership of that learning." [Tags: ] [Comment]. More...

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Bourgogne-Franche-Comté : un bilan économique en demi-teinte en 2018

Emfor Brougogne-Franche-ComtéLe bilan économique régional 2018 dressé par l'Insee Bourgogne-Franche-Comté délivre des points de satisfaction : baisse du chômage pour la 4e année consécutive, reprise du marché de l'automobile et abondante récolte dans la viticulture. Néanmoins, la comparaison avec 2017 est souvent défavorable et le décrochage s'accentue par rapport au national, notamment sur l'emploi. Plus...

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