01 juillet 2019

Freedback - a Way to Blog Product Feedback

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Steve Lee[Edit][Delete]: Freedback - a Way to Blog Product Feedback, Steve Lee : Weblog [Edit][Delete] July 3, 2006
This is a neat idea. Simply, include the phrase 'freedbacking product' in your post, where 'product' is the name of the product you want to review. Aggregators can then collect the resulting posts. Of course, right away we see people will use the term 'freedback' instead of 'freedbacking', which is no major problem. No, the major problem, of course, is 'freedback spam' (that's my contribution to the net lexicon for today). Or fake freedback ('phreedback' - ok, that's another lexicon item). But freedbacks from a social network or selected list of feeds (as in Edu_RSS) would be pretty handy and spam-free. Also: why restrict your freedback to products. More...

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