22 juin 2019

Statement on John Setka

National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) condemns all forms of violence. The scale of domestic and family violence in Australia is a national crisis. Unions have been at the forefront of campaigns to support survivors of domestic violence and abuse including access to services and provision of paid leave, as has been won by NTEU members in our sector.   NTEU therefore supports the statement made by Sally McManus and the position of the ACTU in relation to Mr Setka. More...

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NTEU is moving from plastic to digital membership cards

NTEU is moving from plastic to digital membership cards. Digital cards are more secure, more convenient, more environmentally friendly and do not have expiry dates.
Your digital card will be your proof of membership. It will be accessible from our Member Advantage website and you can use it access your NTEU member benefits. More...

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Enhancing communication in English-medium instruction

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Culturally diverse learning environments are dynamic and rich, but without the right support, they can also be filled with trials and frustration. With English-medium instruction (EMI) continuing to spread around the world, more higher education institutions in non-English-speaking countries are faced with the challenges of building effective intercultural classrooms. More...

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New tools for the credential evaluator’s toolbox

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In the world of mobility, credential evaluators find themselves on the forefront of ensuring both the accuracy of academic qualifications and the fair treatment of students. While the basic principles that have guided international credential evaluation have remained the same over the decades, the documentation and tools used for evaluation have transformed – and thus credential evaluators must evolve with these trends. More...

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Exploring Helsinki: highlights of the Finnish capital

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Helsinki, host of the 2019 Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition, is an exceptional city that enchants visitors with its diverse urban culture and unfailing friendliness. From saunas to sprawling green spaces to new Nordic cuisine, the Finnish capital has plenty of distinctly Helsinkian surprises in store for every visitor. The conference will take place from 24–27 September 2019, but be sure to plan some extra time to explore all Helsinki has to offer. More...

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EAIE New Knowledge Alert: June 2019

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Summer in Europe is nearly around the corner, a period that offers many of us some well-deserved time out of the office and on holiday. As we hit the beach, head for some quiet in the countryside, or just take a break from our normal routines, reading for personal pleasure is often on the agenda. More...

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Viva! EAIE Barcelona 2020

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After the sweeping landscapes and picturesque vistas of Geneva and Helsinki, the EAIE Annual Conference and Exhibition is returning to Southern Europe. For the 32nd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition, we'll be heading to the vibrant and inventive city of Barcelona. More...

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Assessing student motivations to study abroad

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Students decide to study abroad to achieve a particular purpose, and it is important for higher education institutions to know what motivates them. A new multilingual questionnaire to assess motivations for students is now available to aid in doing just that. More...

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SUCTI: A tale of administrative staff internationalisation

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Once upon a time, at a mid-size university on the Mediterranean coast (my institution, Universitat Rovira i Virgili [URV]), on the occasion of an international week for all the constituents of the institution, a brave organising committee gathered for a brainstorm about the different activities they could put together for students, academics and administrative staff. It was easy enough to think of activities for our students, and a bit more challenging to think up some lectures and seminars for our academic staff. But the true challenge was figuring out what to offer our administrative staff. More...

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EAIE Helsinki 2019: Encompassing all voices in a city full of contrasts

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Helsinki is a vibrant city defined by contrasts. It is welcoming and bright in the summer and dark and resilient in the winter. It is modern and cosmopolitan yet steeped in rich tradition, but above all else it is a city committed to inclusivity and innovation in education. This makes it the perfect host for the 2019 EAIE Conference and Exhibition. More...

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