12 juin 2019

As Dead Poets Society turns 30, classroom rapport is still relevant and risky

The ConversationAs the 30th anniversary of the movie Dead Poets Society arrives in June and the 200th birthday of the American poet Walt Whitman also passes, fans of the 1989 movie can take a moment to wonder at its inspirational grip. More...

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Street art: Personal creations get political with public messaging

The ConversationI stopped in my tracks, shocked by something I saw in a Montréal laneway window that had been boarded up in the city’s Plateau neighbourhood. I was looking at caged chickens, with no space to move, one with a tear on the side of its eye. The chickens were behind actual bars that were part of the window with the word “FULL.” More...

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Father’s Day: Involved dads are healthier and happier

The ConversationAs Father’s Day approaches, it’s fitting that we reflect on the impact of child care on families and children. Fathers may want to stay home and raise their children, but it’s often not financially viable. A Pew Research Center study in the U.S. found that dads who work outside the home were just about as likely as moms to say they prefer to be home with their children (48 per cent of dads versus 52 per cent of moms). More...

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Precarious employment in education impacts workers, families and students

The ConversationRecent announcements in Ontario about public education have been controversial, with changes including larger classroom sizes, mandatory online courses and curriculum revisions. However, perhaps most significantly, the imposed changes will lead to the loss of teaching positions across the province. More...

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Dad bloggers want social change for Father’s Day

The ConversationYou have probably heard of “mommy bloggers” or read parenting articles on a website like Scary Mommy or Babble. “Mommy blogs” have been on the internet for nearly 20 years now. Only recently have fathers begun to develop their own online parenting sites and networks. Today, a growing number of “dad bloggers” are using social media to provide a window into their lives as fathers. More...

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Canadian schools spend more as enrolment and test scores fall

The ConversationCanada’s school boards spent a total of $53.2 billion — about $11,300 per student — educating students in kindergarten to Grade 12 public systems in 2015 and that amount has been growing by more than $1 billion every year for several years. More...

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Father’s Day: Lesser-known ways dads improve children’s lives

The ConversationFather’s Day is a time when people think about the influence of their fathers on their lives. Traditionally, Father’s Day has been about thanking fathers for their help, their role in teaching new skills or even their jokes. While many dads may deserve praise for these reasons, in fact many support their children in much deeper and less obvious ways. More...

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Why having the sex talk early and often with your kids is good for them

The ConversationParents may be uncomfortable initiating “the sex talk,” but whether they want to or not, parents teach their kids about sex and sexuality. Kids learn early what a sexual relationship looks like. More...

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Decolonising research methodology must include undoing its dirty history

The ConversationMaori anthropologist Linda Tuhiwai Smith, in her seminal work Decolonising Methodologies, argues that

Re-search is a dirty word.

Hyphenating “research” into “re-search” is very useful because it reveals what is involved, what it really means, and goes beyond the naive view of “research” as an innocent pursuit of knowledge.
It underscores the fact that “re-searching” involves the activity of undressing other people so as to see them naked. It is also a process of reducing some people to the level of micro-organism: putting them under a magnifying glass to peep into their private lives, secrets, taboos, thinking, and their sacred worlds. More...

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How South Africa’s universities are making more students multilingual

The ConversationAlthough the South African Constitution, other legislation and some policies promote the use and development of all 11 languages, this does not happen in practice. For instance, the country’s courts operate with English as the sole and official language of record. More...

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