21 juin 2019

It is KEWL and KINKY: Collaboration Software

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Nancy White[Edit][Delete]: It is KEWL and KINKY: Collaboration Software, Full Circle Online Interaction Blog [Edit][Delete] May 15, 2006
Well this headline will set off the email filters. That's why you should whitelist domains you know are safe. Anyhow, this item describes a new software release from the African Virtual Open Initiative and Resources project (AVOIR), "a sophisticated group-based collaboration system, supporting an unlimited number of groups... where you have complete control over what functionality is installed, as well as what functionality is available on a per group basis. You can use kGroups to replace wikis, blogs, content management, mailing lists, document management, instant messaging, discussion forums, and dozens of other applications. More...

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