12 juin 2019

Ideas for the 2020 Horizon Report

By Joshua Kim. Each year, I find myself eagerly anticipating reading the Horizon Report, as it is good fun to think about the technologies that we will be using on campus in 5 years.  And then, each year the Horizon Report leaves me disappointed, as I come away from reading the document thinking that the Report thinking that it is asking the wrong questions. More...

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Thoughts on the LA Times Story on USC and 2U

By Joshua Kim. How should our community make sense out of the recent LA Times story: Online Degrees Made USC the World’s Biggest Social Work School. Then Things Went Terribly Wrong?
This is an unfolding story, and we should not rush to judgments before we get a better handle on what is going on with USC. More...

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Staff and Faculty Blind Spots

By Joshua Kim. It can be hard for staff to appreciate just how much our faculty colleagues have had to sacrifice to pursue their careers.  The sacrifices are not only about the rigorous of finishing a PhD.  Many staff - as we will see below - now have terminal degrees. More...

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'Brave New Work' and the Crisis of Higher Ed Careers

By Joshua Kim. Brave New Work starts with the observation that two out of three people feel disengaged from their jobs.  The book seeks to answer the question of why work has become so miserable for so many people. More...

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Learning Analytics and Campus Instructional Design Teams

By Joshua Kim. What is the higher ed equivalent of flying cars? What is the promised higher ed future that has so far failed to arrive?  The development that we thought was just around the corner but has never seemed to materialize. More...

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Vacation Fiction

By Joshua Kim. What do you read when you are offline?
Maybe a better question is if you ever go offline?  If you keep up with e-mail while on vacation, then the answer is no.
Vacations, for me, mean fiction.  Nonfiction is too close to work. More...

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Reading 'Coders' to Decode Higher Ed IT

By Joshua Kim. Why everyone on campus should understand how the software that we depend on is created. More...

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Academic Freedom and Alt-Acs

By Joshua Kim. Risk, writing, and tenure.
How much academic freedom do you have. More...

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What Percent of Your (Academic) Salary Would You Trade for Tenure?

By Joshua Kim. A thought experiment about the scholarship of learning innovation, staff status, and academic freedom. More...

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5 Rules for Being Wicked Awesome On a Panel

By Joshua Kim. Conference panels almost always feature a few muckety mucks blah blah blahing on a stage.  The moderator will spend about a third of the time introducing everyone. Like Google does not exist in our pockets. The rest of the time will be spent with panelists working hard to be as inoffensively agreeable with each other as possible. More...

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