05 juin 2019

Game, Set and Match: Bureaucracy 1

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Neil C Cranston[Edit][Delete]: Game, Set and Match: Bureaucracy 1, Schools 0: Time to Change the Rules?, Centre for Innovation in Education [Edit][Delete] January 13, 2006

[link: Hits] Though the topic of this essay is the relation between schools and central administrative organizations, I think that the argument can be applied more broadly, to the relationship between any entity in an organization. Of most value is the table comparing 'traditional' and 'revolutionary' management of the organization. Consider, for example, the difference between "promotion is the reward of those who 'look' and 'sound' like their superiors" and "difference and diversity in thinking, attitudes and ideas are valued and rewarded." Which one more resembles your own organization. More...

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