15 mai 2019

De Doha à Cancun : la libéralisation des échanges au service du progrès humain ?

Logo CESE - Conseil économique, social et environnementalConstatant les carences de l'après Doha et afin que l'ouverture des marchés soit effectivement mise au service du progrès humain, le Conseil formule, à la veille de la Conférence ministérielle de Cancún, des propositions visant à la réduction des inégalités de développement à l'échelle mondiale, à la prise en compte des exigences sociétales en matière de développement durable, à la mise en place d'une meilleure gouvernance mondiale et à une réelle démocratisation du fonctionnement de l'OMC. Plus...

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Revue Travail et Emploi - n° 155-156

Vous pouvez consulter l’intégralité du numéro 155-156 sur Cairn si votre institution dispose d’un abonnement. L’introduction au numéro de même que les notes de lecture, non mentionnées ici, y sont en libre accès.

La fabrication du travail non qualifié
The Making of Low-Skilled Work
Introduction. La fabrication du travail non qualifié. Analyser les obstacles à la valorisation
Didier Demazière, Emmanuelle Marchal
pdf Télécharger l’introduction Téléchargement (278.2 ko)

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Outsourced Grading

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Scott Jaschik: Outsourced Grading, Inside Higher Ed September 22, 2005

You can be sure academics will respond, as one commenter already has, that grading is an integral part of teaching. But there comes a point, as it did for me when I taught, when grading comes to be measured in vertical feet, and represents a burden, not an opportunity. Anyhow, this pilot, launched by Kentucky's community colleges this fall, may represent the thin edge of the wedg. More...

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Online Communities: From BBSes to Blogs and Beyond

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Andy Carvin: Online Communities: From BBSes to Blogs and Beyond, Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth September 22, 2005

Andy Carvin is offering a mix of blog posts and podcasts from the Scottish Learning festival, including talks by Marc Prensky and Robin Blake. I have thought of podcasting others' talks, in addition to my own, but issues of permission, quality and hosting have deterred me. How long before the conference podcast becomes standard and before people routinely start posting the audio of their talks on their own websites. More...

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Handbook for Bloggers and Cyberdissidents

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Julien Pain, et.al.: Handbook for Bloggers and Cyberdissidents, September 22, 2005

An outstanding work for activists, the Handbook for Bloggers and Cyberdissidents not only tells you what tools to use and how to blog well, it also tells you how to blog anonymously, route around censorship and to keep your email private. More...

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The Quiet Crisis

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Susan Walsh Veronikas and Michael F. Shaughnessy: The Quiet Crisis, University Business September 22, 2005

Interview with author Peter Smith, who offers his own analysis of the crisis in American education: it's the universities' fault. "The problem, he says, is not that millions of lower-income and minority students lack the capacity to learn, but that colleges and universities lack the capacity to educate". More...

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How International High School Students do in the US

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Mitch Weisburgh: How International High School Students do in the US, PILOTed September 22, 2005

More commentary on the state of learning in the U.S. (it seems to be a theme these days). Mitch Weisburgh observes, "When my sisters and I were in high school, our family hosted kids from Sweden, France, and Chile. The students from these countries were not able to keep up with the honors classes at our high school and enrolled in easier classes. More...

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By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors: SearchFox September 22, 2005

This application is still in beta (write to esteban@searchfox.com for access, indicating your preferred username). What it does is aggregate your RSS feeds (you can import your list of feeds using OPML (it's a bit hard to find - click on “Manage My World” in the “Resources” menu or click on the pencil next to “My World”). More...

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Span the Silos for Comprehensive Distance Education

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Judy Baker: Span the Silos for Comprehensive Distance Education, EDUCAUSE Blogs September 21, 2005

The author taps into a common problem: departments that operate independently tend to remain insular, and staff within those departments remain unaware of the nature and work of the other department. The solution proposed - job shadowing, wherein an employee from one department shadows one from another department for a day or so - is less satisfactory. It takes too much time and is too disruptive, with too nebulous a gain, for most employees to contemplate. More...

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Moodteller: Estimating Mood Levels in LiveJournal

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Unattributed: Moodteller: Estimating Mood Levels in LiveJournal, September 21, 2005

You might this this is pretty useless, except, if you can (accurately) estimate mood based on the content of LiveJournal posts, you can probably estimate any of a wide range of tacit phenomena - how much someone likes you based on email messages, degrees of customer hostility based on product feedback, anger at politicians based on letters to the editor. More...

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