25 avril 2019

Performance-Based Funding 101: The Indicators

Last week, the provincial government briefed institutions on the indicators it would like to use in its new performance-based funding formula, which in theory is meant to eventually govern 60% of all provincial grants to institutions. It won’t actually be that much, for a variety of reasons, but let’s stick to the government script for the moment. More...

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Performance-Based Funding 101: The Algorithm

There are lots of different ways to run performance-based funding systems, but if the model is other North American jurisdictions with 50%+ of funding coming through outcomes, then there is probably only one real model, and it is the type associated with the Tennessee model.  Fortunately, Tennessee has published an unholy amount about its model and how it works, so those of you interested in nerding out on this subject may want to just go there now and play around a bit. More...

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Fun with Ontario Application Data

Let’s start with the programs of study.  The Ontario University Applications Centre modified its program categories a couple of years ago, so to look at long trends on a consistent basis, you need to merge some fields into larger-super fields.  In figure 1, all the science, math and engineering fields are combined into “STEM”, and all the humanities, language, social science and journalism field are combined into a single “Arts/Journalism” category. More...

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New Brunswick Brings the Stupid

Before we were rudely interrupted by the Ontario government doing something both interesting and mysterious on performance outcomes, I promised you all news out of New Brunswick. This matters to maybe fifteen of you, but you know, this blog is nothing if not faithful to geographically micro-targeting higher education nerds. So here we go. More...

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How to Avoid Sounding Misinformed About Performance-Based Funding

Judging from various commentary I’ve seen/heard over the last few days, I suspect we’re all about to hear quite a lot of nonsense about Ontario’s proposed new Performance-based Funding (PBF) system. More...

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If Canada Were Serious About Higher Education (Part 4)

The main problem has to do with Science and how it is funded. The bulk of our scientific work force resides in universities, where their salaries are paid by a mix of tuition fees and provincial tax dollars mainly on the basis of undergraduate enrolments.  But the dollars that fund the actual science come mostly from Ottawa. More...

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If Canada Were Serious About Higher Education (Part 3)

When it comes to provincial goal setting and making institutions accountable, measurement is the key to improvement.  I am not convinced this is entirely the case with teaching, because frankly no one knows how to measure it holistically.  There are things that can be learned by having students write tests like the Collegiate Learning Assessment or AHELO. More...

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If Canada Were Serious About Higher Education (Part 1)

Canada is a vast and largely self-satisfied land.  And when it comes to higher education, we do pretty well.  Depending on the measure of access one chooses, we’re either above average or top of the pack.  We have the biggest and best-funded college system in the world, one which is highly regarded for its innovativeness. More...

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If Canada Were Serious About Higher Education (Part 2)

Governments fund universities and colleges.  Apart from Ontario, they are the largest single source of funding.  And they represent the public.  It therefore makes sense that governments articulate goals for the system as a whole. More...

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Lancement des "Chantiers de France"

Logo cap-métiersLes ministres du Travail, de l'Education nationale et de la Culture, en lien avec les organisations professionnelles, ont lancé l'opération "Chantiers de France" qui visent la rénovation de la cathédrale dans un délai de 5 ans mais aussi la valorisation des métiers d'art et du bâtiment, touchés par une pénurie de main-d'oeuvre.
Les chantiers de France, organisés en consortium, ont vocation à fédérer les CFA et les lycées professionnels. Le but de ce projet est de mobiliser les réseaux et tous les acteurs des secteurs concernés et de la formation pour rendre attractifs l'apprentissage, facilité par la loi du 5 septembre 2018, et les métiers de tailleur de pierre, de vitrailliste, de maçon, de charpentier, etc.

> Pour + d'infos sur ces métiers, consulter les sites web spécialisés :

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