28 avril 2019

Election web-watch (Advocate 26 01)

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is a vast collection of data on every election in every electorate in recent Australian history, as well as explanatory pieces on how the system works – preferential voting, proportional representation, the distribution of preferences, electoral redistributions, electoral swings, etc. More...

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Academic freedom: China’s crackdown on dissent (Advocate 26 01)

The increasingly repressive regime of Chinese leader Xi Jinping has sent a fresh wave of interference through the country’s universities in recent months, with further curbs on existing roadblocks to academic freedom. More...

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Together we grieve, together we respond to end racism (Advocate 26 01)

On 15 March 2019 at 1.32pm New Zealand changed forever. The murder of fifty people at mosques in Christchurch stunned us all.
In the days that followed, the tragedy has brought New Zealanders together in our tens of thousands to mourn, to express our horror, and to try to make sense of the world.
It has mobilised our members to provide aroha and support to those affected by the racist attacks in Christchurch. We have sought to meet with our Muslim members and their families kanohi ki te kanohi, though respecting that this must happen when they are ready to share their time with us. More...

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Vote 1, Australian tertiary education (Advocate 26 01)

Welcome to the Federal Election edition of the Advocate. In this edition we’ve examined the policies of the ALP, Coalition and Greens to help inform you about what this election means for higher education. More...

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Changing the rules on industrial relations (Advocate 26 01)

For the first time since the 2007 election, when voters comprehensively rejected John Howard’s WorkChoices regime, industrial relations policies will be centre-stage in a Federal Election. More...

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Freedom, funding and fees (Advocate 26 01)

For the NTEU, the major issues on higher education policy in this election are academic freedom, funding levels and students fees. More...

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Research slashed (Advocate 26 01)

NTEU’s analysis shows that since May 2018, the Turnbull-Morrison Government has slashed research block grants by more than $328 million over four years. More...

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CDP is racist and must be abolished (Advocate 26 01)

Since 2015, many communities in regional and remote Australia have been subject to the Federal Government’s so-called Community Development Program (CDP). In effect, the program itself is a targeted Work for the Dole program, except that participants in the communities it has been applied to are required to work 25 hours per week, all year round, in order to comply with this program and receive their basic unemployment payment. More...

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Climate the hot topic (Advocate 26 01)

For the first time since the millennial drought, climate change is likely to be a significant issue in the 2019 Federal Election.
The Australian summer of 2018-19 brought home to Australians the reality that the climate is changing, and for the worst – soaring temperatures, massive heatwaves and raging bushfires; torrential rains and devastating floods, depending on which part of the country you’re in. More...

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Pork-Barrelling 101 (Advocate 26 01)

While the Government has frozen the level of CSP funding, this has not stopped it engaging in some good old fashioned pork-barrelling. More...

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