28 avril 2019

NTEU statement regarding Christchurch tragedy

NTEU sends its deepest sympathies to all New Zealanders, to those New Zealanders who are Muslim, and our most heartfelt sympathy to those who lost family. 
There is no hiding from Australia’s role in this tragedy. We must own it. It comes after more than a decade of race baiting and hatred from elements among those in political office, self-aggrandising commentators and media proprietors.
If this tragedy had happened in Australia our Prime Minister would not have honestly been able to say: "You may have chosen us, but we utterly reject and condemn you" because he and other politicians in this country have set in train and encouraged the development of hatred by using Muslim immigration as a political tool.
We must all reject the politics of fear and hatred, whether direct or dog whistled, that provides an environment where extremism flourishes.
Our deepest sympathies to the families of those who lost their lives, and to their communities.  And to Australians who are Muslims we stand with you and commit to playing a role in fighting Islamophobia. More...

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Give Nothing to Racism

Commit to giving nothing to racism, hate, xenophobia and Islamophobia.
No home. No tolerance. No likes. No attention. No welcome. No respect. No agreement. No support. No encouragement. No power. More...

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Is Australia’s World Class Research Performance Sustainable?

The NTEU is calling on Australia’s universities and the government to acknowledge that Australia’s world class research as revealed by the latest ERA results is due to the talent and dedication of Australian research and support staff, many of who do not enjoy secure jobs and the bulk of whom work many unpaid hours. More...

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EAIE Winter Forum: The internationalisation research agenda

Screenshot-2018-5-3 EAIE

Here’s a fun exercise: put the word “research” through Google’s search engine function and prepare to have your mind slightly blown. In 0.37 seconds, some 4.72 billion results are identified! Clearly, there’s a lot out there on ‘research’ – with some resources attempting to define exactly what research is and others presenting the results of investigative exercises that provide examples of how research can be conducted and the wide array of findings that can be generated. In the age of the knowledge economy/society, data is vital and research generates crucial insights. More...

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Streamlining sustainability within the university

Screenshot-2018-5-3 EAIE

The results of the THE University Impact Ranking were released in early April, for the first time using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as criteria to rank global universities. More...

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EAIE report offers indicators of successful internationalisation

Screenshot-2018-5-3 EAIE

Building on the September 2018 release of the EAIE Barometer (second edition), the largest and most geographically diverse dataset on the state of internationalisation in Europe, this week the EAIE is launching the next report in the Barometer series. More...

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Round University Rankings: Asian Advance Continues

The latest edition of the Round University Rankings (RUR) has been announced. These are published by the Moscow based RUR rankings Agency. They use 20 indicators to compare universities, combined in four groups: Research (40% weighting), Teaching (40%), International Diversity (10%), and Financial Stability (10%). More...

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Scimago Measures Research, Innovation and Societal Impact

The Scimago Institutions Rankings (Spain) are published by the Scimago Lab and use data provided by Scopus to measure and compare the research, innovation and Societal Impact of global universities and research centres. More...

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THE Global Impact Ranking

Times Higher Education (THE) has announced the inaugural edition of its Global Impact Rankings. These measure the contribution that universities make toward the Sustainable Development Goals announced by the United Nations. There are 17 goals covering aspirations such as Good Health and Well Being, Gender Equality and Quality Education. More...

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New Ranking: Academic Ranking by Academics for Academics

A new global research ranking, Academic Ranking for Academics by Academics (A3 ranking), has just been announced. It is an attempt to create an unbiased and transparent assessment of research impact. More...

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