25 avril 2019

If Canada Were Serious About Higher Education (Part 3)

When it comes to provincial goal setting and making institutions accountable, measurement is the key to improvement.  I am not convinced this is entirely the case with teaching, because frankly no one knows how to measure it holistically.  There are things that can be learned by having students write tests like the Collegiate Learning Assessment or AHELO. More...

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If Canada Were Serious About Higher Education (Part 1)

Canada is a vast and largely self-satisfied land.  And when it comes to higher education, we do pretty well.  Depending on the measure of access one chooses, we’re either above average or top of the pack.  We have the biggest and best-funded college system in the world, one which is highly regarded for its innovativeness. More...

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If Canada Were Serious About Higher Education (Part 2)

Governments fund universities and colleges.  Apart from Ontario, they are the largest single source of funding.  And they represent the public.  It therefore makes sense that governments articulate goals for the system as a whole. More...

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Lancement des "Chantiers de France"

Logo cap-métiersLes ministres du Travail, de l'Education nationale et de la Culture, en lien avec les organisations professionnelles, ont lancé l'opération "Chantiers de France" qui visent la rénovation de la cathédrale dans un délai de 5 ans mais aussi la valorisation des métiers d'art et du bâtiment, touchés par une pénurie de main-d'oeuvre.
Les chantiers de France, organisés en consortium, ont vocation à fédérer les CFA et les lycées professionnels. Le but de ce projet est de mobiliser les réseaux et tous les acteurs des secteurs concernés et de la formation pour rendre attractifs l'apprentissage, facilité par la loi du 5 septembre 2018, et les métiers de tailleur de pierre, de vitrailliste, de maçon, de charpentier, etc.

> Pour + d'infos sur ces métiers, consulter les sites web spécialisés :

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The Open University is 50 years old today

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . The British Open University received its charter on April 23, 1969. I joined the OU as a research officer at the end of August, 1969. I was the 20th person hired (my payroll number was 000020). My job was ‘to research distance education.’ That was it, initially. More...

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Are the media irresponsible in their coverage of people with poor A-Levels but top degrees?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"It started when I was quoted in an article in The Times that was headlined ‘University grades: firsts for quarter of students with lowest A levels’ and which discussed the number of students with relatively low A-Level scores who leave higher education with a First. More...

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From Russia with LEO

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"When I recently attended an event at the Resolution Foundation on the use of LEO data, someone said they thought we were the first country in the world to have this kind of linked data on graduate salaries available. My experience in Russia last month proved this not to be the case. Nor are we the first to try and grapple with the complexity that the new availability of this data brings. More...

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The Future for University Strategies

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"In my recent analysis of the published strategies of 52 UK universities (University Strategy 2020), I discovered that almost 63% of university strategies have end dates in 2019, 2020 or 2021 and hence will need to be re-written and re-launched over the next few years. More...

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The hardest (higher) education policy question of all?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"Recording the latest episode of Wonkhe’s podcast brought another challenging issue to the forefront of my mind: the educational entitlement of people guilty of practices that are deeply socially unacceptable and / or against the law. More...

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Where Global Challenge Research and Doctoral Education Meet: Six challenges for institutions

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"Global Challenge Research broadly describes research projects that align with the UN sustainable development goals. It benefits one or more developing countries and is carried out in partnership with researchers in those countries. More...

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