21 avril 2019

Formulaire de candidature au titre d'ingénieur diplômé par l'État (I.D.P.E.)

ESR enseignementsup-recherche gouv frCe formulaire s'adresse aux candidats qui justifient de 5 années de pratique professionnelle dans des fonctions communément confiées à des ingénieurs, qui souhaitent valider leurs expériences et acquis professionnels afin d'obtenir le titre d'ingénieur diplômé par l'État (I.D.P.E.). Plus...

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Soutien du FSE en Nouvelle-Aquitaine : appel à projets de la Direccte

Logo cap-métiersLa Direccte Nouvelle-Aquitaine lance un nouvel appel à projets permanent pour accompagner les demandes de subvention relatives aux années 2019 et 2020. Il porte sur les objectifs 8 et 10 du Programme opérationnel national du FSE pour l’emploi et l’inclusion en métropole. Plus...

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Debt Phobia

By Matt Reed. The real student loan crisis.
Like many phobias, it isn’t so much unfounded or random as exaggerated or misplaced.  A fear of heights is based on something; hitting the ground from a high elevation isn’t likely to end well.  But when a fear that has some basis expands beyond where it makes sense, it can become debilitating. I’m seeing some of that with student loans. More...

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Monday at AACC

By Matt Reed. Every writer likes to be read. Writers like me, who address policy issues, want to have an impact.  That’s what made a Monday 8 a.m. panel so gratifying. More...

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Messing With Texans

By Matt Reed. As a political scientist, gerrymandering offends me. It’s the process by which electoral districts are redrawn to guarantee certain outcomes. In essence, it flips the script of representative democracy; instead of voters choosing their representatives, representatives choose their voters. More...

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Dispatches From the AACC

By Matt Reed. Pro-tip: Orlando has more than one Fairfield Inn.  If you’re staying at one of them, it’s worth knowing which one is which before leaving the airport.  Trust me on this one. More...

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The Assumption that Online Teaching is Cheaper

By Matt Reed. A quick quiz:
Which of the following are valid reasons to support online college courses?
a. Geographic distance
b. Flexible scheduling
c. Physical challenges navigating a campus
d. Experimenting with new pedagogies
e. They’re cheaper to produce
f. All of the above, except e.
The answer is f. I used to think it was e, but it’s f. More...

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Residency Requirements

By Matt Reed. What fraction of a degree should be required to be taken in-house for that degree to bear a given college’s name? 
We’re dealing with that question now, and it’s revealing some competing sets of assumptions. More...

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Friday Fragments - April 12, 2019

By Matt Reed. As part of the Academic Master Plan and its focus on student basic needs, we did a survey of students to find out what they struggled with most, and where they saw themselves needing the most help. Over 1,500 students responded, which is enough to give some confidence. More...

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Prior Learning Assessment at Scale

By Matt Reed. The Chronicle has a good feature story on what happens to students of for-profit colleges when those colleges close abruptly.  It’s infuriating in a bunch of ways, most notably in the consequences for students who suddenly find themselves not only saddled with debt without a degree, but even homeless, because the financial aid refund check they were counting on didn’t come. More...

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