08 avril 2019

Gender and social protection: fighting for equality and against poverty

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO)1, only a minority of the world’s inhabitants (45.2%) enjoy at least one social protection benefit today. More...

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Why looking at discriminatory social institutions is critical for the gender-responsiveness of social protection policies

In Europe, the relatively narrow gender gap in old-age pension coverage (6.5 percentage points) hides extensive gender disparities in the actual benefits: women’s pensions are, on average, 40% lower than those of men. More...

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Nove domande e risposte sul Rapporto Economico sull’Italia 2019 dell’OCSE

https://oecdecoscope.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/cropped-blog-clouds.jpgBy . L’Italia ha implementato alcune delle raccomandazioni dei passati Raporti dell’OCSE sull’Italia e queste hanno prodotto risultati. Per esempio:

  • Precedenti Rapporti hanno raccomandato di ridurre i contributi previdenziali per aumentare l’occupazione. Tale riduzione è stata attuata su base temporanea dal 2015 e l’occupazione è aumentata di circa 3 punti percentuali. La crescita dell’occupazione ha iniziato a rallentare quando le riduzioni dei contributi previdenziali sono stati gradualmente eliminati.
  • Precedenti Rapporti hanno raccomandato di rafforzare le politiche di innovazione e gli incentivi per gli investimenti innovativi. Il programma Industria 4.0 has introdotto incentivi fiscali per gli investimenti in tecnologie digitali, che da allora sono aumentati rapidamente.
  • Precedenti Rapporti hanno raccomandato di migliorare gli appalti pubblici e combattere vigorosamente la corruzione. Le procedure di aggiudicazione degli appalti pubblici sono state ristrutturate e armonizzate in tutto il paese riducendo il numero delle stazioni appaltanti, con conseguenti notevoli risparmi; l’autorità anticorruzione (ANAC) ha assunto un ruolo di primo piano nella prevenzione della corruzione ed è ora un modello per altri paesi.

Ci sono molte aree in cui in Italia non ha seguito le raccomandazioni dell’OCSE. More...

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Nine questions and answers on the 2019 Economic Survey of Italy

https://oecdecoscope.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/cropped-blog-clouds.jpgBy . Italy has implemented some of the recommendations of past OECD Surveys and these have been bearing fruit. For example:

  • Past Surveys have recommended reducing social security contributions to raise employment. Such a cut was implemented on a temporary basis from 2015 and employment rose by about 3 percentage points. Employment growth started slowing when the reductions in social security contributions gradually expired.
  • Past Surveys have recommended strengthening innovation policies and incentives for innovative investment. The Industry 4.0 programme has introduced fiscal incentives for investments in digital technologies, which have increased rapidly since then.
  • Past Surveys have recommended improving public procurement and fighting vigorously corruption. Public procurement procedures have been restructured and harmonised across the country by reducing the number of contracting authorities, resulting in large cost savings; the anticorruption authority (ANAC) has taken on an important role in preventing corruption and is now a model for other countries.

There are many areas where In Italy has not taken action following OECD recommendations. More...

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Reviving Italy’s Growth

https://oecdecoscope.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/cropped-blog-clouds.jpgBy . In Curno, 50 km north east of Milan, is the headquarters of Brembo, the Italian company supplying brakes for Teslas and Ferraris as well as for mass market cars and motorcycles. Founded in 1961, its 255 employees generate over USD 3 billion of revenue from production facilities across 15 countries. More...

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Sweden’s schools: lessons from history to build a better future

https://oecdecoscope.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/cropped-blog-clouds.jpgBy . Swedish schools entered the 1990s from a position of strength, as one of the top performers in early international school surveys, including the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). School governance was centralised, and implemented locally by regional education boards. More...

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Argentina: Laying the foundations for strong and inclusive growth

https://oecdecoscope.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/cropped-blog-clouds.jpgBy . Over many decades, Argentina’s economy has been held back by weak policy settings and productivity growth has stalled amidst high volatility and recurrent crises. This explains why incomes have fallen behind those in Latin American and other countries over time. More...

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How’s Life for Women in the Digital Age?

https://oecdecoscope.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/cropped-blog-clouds.jpgBy . How does the digital transformation affect women’s and men’s well-being? Digital technologies are radically and rapidly changing the way people work, consume, get information and communicate, but their consequences may differ for women and men. Statistics can help understand whether and how the transformation risks widening the gender gap. More...

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Open data offers new potential to enhance governance of SOEs

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) sit at the centre of economic decision-making in many countries worldwide. They are responsible for driving forward major industries, delivering important services to citizens and managing large streams of public revenue. More...

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Cutting the risk of corruption out of privatisation

Technology is transforming the global economy and the privatisation landscape is no exception. The rationale for state ownership is disappearing in a number of sectors as digitalisation lays them open to market competition. More...

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