05 avril 2019

College bribery scandal: students sue elite schools in class action

The GuardianStudents claim they were denied fair opportunity to apply to Yale and University of Southern California. More...

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Junior doctor suicide makes me worry about how I'll cope in the job

The GuardianAs a medical student, I can get support when I need it. That isn’t the case for junior doctors struggling with mental health. More...

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Do universities contribute enough to the UK economy?

The GuardianUniversities are set to be evaluated on how they boost the local economy, but not everyone is convinced by the metrics. More...

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A price to be paid for open-access academic publishing

The GuardianThe headlong rush towards further adoption of open-access models demands careful thought. While questions around access to scientific research tend to grab attention, the long tail of implications are a particular concern for those of us working in the arts and humanities. More...

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US college admissions scandal: how did the scheme work and who was charged?

The GuardianThe wealthy parents were part of the biggest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice, prosecutors say, accused of conspiring to get their kids into elite colleges through bribery and cheating. The FBI investigation was dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues”. More...

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Leeds student union votes down proposal to combat antisemitism

The GuardianFive of 15-strong panel at university reject motion that includes IHRA definition. More...

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UK military turns to universities to research psychological warfare

The GuardianThe British military is recruiting philosophers, psychologists and theologians to research new methods of psychological warfare and behavioural manipulation, leaked documents show. More...

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The US college admissions scam toolkit: bribes, fake profiles and playing 'stupid’

The GuardianThirty-three parents were charged with fraud after paying tens of thousands of dollars to get their children into elite schools. More...

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The Guardian view on humanities degrees: art for society’s sake

The GuardianTo reduce tuition fees while providing top-up grants only for sciences would distort higher education. We need history, poetry and French as well as Stem subjects. More...

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Universities could close for a people’s vote


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