03 avril 2019

Are Colleges Ready for Generation Z?

By Steven Mintz. As Generation Z, the cohort born in the mid- and late-1990s and early 2000s, has begun to arrive on college campuses, we might ask: Are our campuses ready? 
Facile generalizations, superficial stereotypes, and pejorative caricatures about Generation Z abound. That they can’t live without their digital devices. That they’re hooked on digital entertainment and social media. That they’re entitled, self-absorbed narcissists and overly delicate, fragile flowers. More...

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Higher Ed and the Shifting Life Course

By Steven Mintz. Not very long ago, the life course was divided into three parts: a period of preparation, a period of family and work, and a period of retirement. In recent years, that tripartite division of the life course has broken down. No longer are education, work, and family responsibilities siloed off from one another. More...

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Community Colleges and the Future of Higher Education

By Steven Mintz. The cornerstones of success
If this country is to achieve its postsecondary attainment goals and bring many more Americans to a bright future, community colleges will bear much of the responsibility. More...

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The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: A Mixed Review

By Barbara Fister. I have finally finished reading Shoshana Zuboff’s epic book, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. It’s an impressive work that ties together a lot of trends into a very spooky picture of where we are headed when intimate data about each of us is used as the raw material for prediction and control. More...

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Adulting for the Web

By Barbara Fister. The web turned thirty this week. I still remember when I heard about it, nearly thirty years ago. A central-casting computer geek from our IT department tried to describe this new, exciting thing to me as I was trying to figure out if I could do something with hypercards on the NeXT computer that had improbably landed on my desk. More...

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Plagiarism Policing and Profit

By Barbara Fister. John Warner had a perfect response to the news that Turnitin has been sold for big bucks. First imagined in 1998, it launched as an ed-tech product along with the Plagiarism.org site in 2000, but even then it had ambitions to be used in publishing as well. More...

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Beyond the Battle for Open Access

By Barbara Fister. Facing resistence from UC and others, what's the Big Deal of the future?
A lot is going on in the world of scholarly and scientific publishing. So much that I have had trouble keeping up, especially since I’m also trying to keep up on what’s happening in technology – big data, artificial intelligence, surveillance capitalism, things I wasn’t taught in library school because they didn’t exist yet. More...

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No Big Deal

By Barbara Fister. Perhaps the era of the Big Deal is ending. It hasn’t been sustainable for years, and now research libraries around the country are following the lead of the University of California and several European library consortia, walking away from deals that extract money from subscriptions and authors at an extortionate price. More...

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Wellness, a Link Roundup

With all the mental, emotional, and physical stress of graduate school, it is important to make sure that you take time to check in with yourself, to recognize that you are a whole person with a body as well as a mind. Since many of us have spring breaks coming up, we thought it would be nice to go through some of our recent posts on wellness and inspire you to take a little time off for self-care. More...

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Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For Your CV

Using the skills you learned in graduate school to take on a more active role in your local government. More...

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