03 avril 2019

Why 'Homo Deus' Is the Perfect Book to Read on Spring Break

By Joshua Kim. How to feel smart while avoiding the work of getting smarter. More...

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5 Reasons Why Low-Residency is the Future of Higher Ed Employment

By Joshua Kim. Rebranding and rethinking remote academic work.
Remote workers are like politicians. Most folks don’t think so highly of politicians in general, but they seem to like their local representatives. Many higher ed people will have critical (even negative) views about remote work, but they will then tell you that they have remote colleagues in their group and that things are going wonderfully. More...

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Checking Academic Culture Against Amazon's Leadership Principles

By Joshua Kim. I got interested in this question when looking at Amazon’s Leadership Principles.  The Amazon jobs page state that, "We use our Leadership Principles every day, whether we're discussing ideas for new projects or deciding on the best approach to solving a problem. It is just one of the things that makes Amazon peculiar". More...

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Reading 'Heart: A History' Through an Innovation Lens

By Joshua Kim. Understanding why we are likely to die from heart disease above all other causes is just one of the benefits of reading Heart: A History.  Sandeep Jauhar, a cardiologist, writes in a way that makes the physiology of the heart - and all the ways that things can go wrong with the heart - accessible, comprehensible, and fascinating for a non-specialist audience. More...

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As Many Instructional Designers As Librarians

By Joshua Kim. Answering 5 objections.
I want to propose a simple heuristic.  Count the number of academic librarians.  Hire that many instructional designers. More...

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A Q&A with Mike Berlin, Managing Director of Entangled Solutions

By Joshua KimTrying to make sense of the world of higher ed consulting.
Entangled, not unlike a college or university, has many different departments and divisions, each with their own specialty but all serving the same goal and mission. More...

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A Totally Made Up Surprise Announcement of Apple University+

By Joshua Kim. Fake news about Apple’s acquisition of Coursera and the company's big push into higher education.
The March 25th Apple event did not include the surprise announcement of Apple’s strategic pivot into a provider of higher education, Apple University+. More...

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Grassroots Campus Convenings vs. Large Academic Conferences and Professional Association Meetings

By Joshua Kim. I’d like to start this post with a thank you. Last week, Matthew Rascoff and his team at Duke Learning Innovation hosted the HAIL Academic Innovation Collaborative Production Workshop. HAIL stands for Harvesting Academic Innovation for Learners. More...

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5 Ideas to Improve Zoom

By Joshua Kim. How might we make the best synchronous learning and virtual meeting platform even better?
Sitting on my computer is Zoom’s S-1 filing, detailing the company’s plan to go public. More...

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Recognizing 2U's Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

By Joshua Kim. Some personal observations.
Over the years, I’ve gotten to know lots of companies in the edtech space. More...

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