04 mars 2019

Visionary universities teach life purpose: Does yours?

eCampus NewsA sense of purpose is an important and teachable attribute. Studies find that pursuing one’s purpose is associated with psychological well-being. Individuals with a sense of purpose report they are happier, more satisfied with their lives, and more hopeful about the future. More...

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Can block scheduling increase student retention and completion?

eCampus NewsWhat we can learn from an Australian university’s block scheduling model. More...

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Mise en place de formations statistiques pour les personnels de l'Inserm Délégation Régionale Pacac et CNRS Provence et Corse

carif espace-compétencesLes délégations régionales PACAC de l`Inserm et du CNRS lancent un appel d`offre relatif à la mise en place de formations aux statistiques pour leurs personnels.

La date limite de réception des offres est fixée au 22 mars 2019 à 16 heures.
Des informations détaillées sur les modalités de réponse à cet avis sont disponibles à l'adresse URL suivante.

Rendez-vous sur la page dédiée au repérage des appels d'offres "Formation, Insertion" en région PACA, consultables gratuitement et en libre accès.

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Guess what? Higher-ed innovation & student success starts with wi-fi

eCampus NewsThe University of Arkansas at Little Rock shares invaluable insight from transitioning 2.9 million square feet into mobile-first indoor spaces. More...

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New partnership between Miami Dade College & Facebook focuses on real-world skills

eCampus NewsRealizing the importance in-demand real-world skills, Miami Dade College (MDC) has entered into a partnership with Facebook to hone the digital marketing expertise of students and outside entrepreneurs. More...

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21 ways to empower students, innovators, and institutions

eCampus NewsHigher education is long overdue for a refresh–and that refresh could be achieved by moving to empower students, institutions, and innovators, according to a new whitepaper. More...

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Blockchain technology: latest technology in higher ed or overhyped?

eCampus NewsBlockchain technology has garnered much attention in recent years, but technology leaders seem split over its future–some say the hype will be short-lived, but blockchain start-ups are growing and hiring. More...

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How to save thousands with these free cybersecurity programs

eCampus NewsCybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues facing higher ed. Unfortunately, third-party penetration testing and vulnerability assessments can be incredibly expensive, especially for large universities. More...

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7 ways to strengthen your digital learning strategy

eCampus NewsWhen colleges and universities take a strategic approach to digital learning, and when they invest in designing and developing high-quality courses and programs, they are able to realize critical objectives, according to a digital learning report from Arizona State University and The Boston Consulting Group. More...

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Here are a few proven ways, some involving edtech, to boost enrollment & retention

eCampus NewsTexas A&M University’s College of Engineering is working on an ambitious initiative called 25 by 25, with a goal of almost doubling enrollment to 25,000 students by 2025. More...

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