08 février 2019

MIT-Germany & FAU announce partnership

By Kerrie Kennedy. Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Germany and the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) have announced a partnership that will facilitate new student internship placements and strengthen faculty and student collaboration between the two universities. More...

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Pearson signs MoU with Thailand’s EEC

By Kerrie Kennedy. Digital education company Pearson has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor to develop and implement BTEC-based programs for learners in EEC provinces. More...

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Offering an edge: the rise of internships abroad

By Kerrie Kennedy. While increased maturity and self-growth have long been championed as two potential side effects of a meaningful work placement, increasingly a stint overseas is becoming the ‘must have’ when it comes to getting a head start in more competitive professions. More...

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China boosts international student budget by 16% as student target nears

By Kerrie Kennedy. China’s allocated budget for the education of international students has been increased by 16.08% in 2018 to more than 3 billion yuan ($469 million), according to a report by the Ministry of Education. More...

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Denmark to cut English-language university places

By Kerrie Kennedy. Denmark will reduce the number of places on certain English medium of instruction programs at six of the country’s eight universities in a bid to discourage international graduates from returning home to work after their studies. More...

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UK-Egypt partnerships accused of ignoring rights abuses for “profit”

By Kerrie Kennedy. More than 200 academics across the UK have signed an open letter accusing Universities UK and the British government of turning a blind eye to human rights abuses in Egypt by promoting higher education partnerships between the two countries. UUKi has defended its actions, saying fears have not been overlooked. More...

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Chinese teens on college tours a growing market

By Kerrie Kennedy. An increasing number of Chinese adolescents are embarking on college tours abroad and creating a lucrative market for universities, college towns and tourism-related businesses, a new study by the University of Illinois has suggested. More...

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Évolution des salaires de base et conditions d’emploi dans le secteur privé - Résultats provisoires du 4e trimestre 2018

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Dans les entreprises de 10 salariés ou plus de l’ensemble du secteur privé (hors agriculture, particuliers employeurs et activités extraterritoriales), l’indice du salaire mensuel de base (SMB) augmente de 0,2 % au 4e trimestre 2018 et de 1,6 % sur un an.
Dans ces mêmes entreprises, l’indice du salaire horaire de base des ouvriers et des employés (SHBOE) progresse de 0,2 % au 4e trimestre 2018 et de 1,5 % sur un an.
Ces évolutions doivent être mises en regard de l’inflation sur la période : les prix à la consommation (pour l’ensemble des ménages et hors tabac) augmentent de 1,4 % entre décembre 2017 et décembre 2018.
Sur le même champ, la durée hebdomadaire collective moyenne du travail est stable à 35,6 heures au 31 décembre 2018.
Selon l’estimation flash de l’emploi salarié réalisée par l’Insee et la Dares à partir des résultats provisoires Acemo, dans l’ensemble des entreprises du secteur privé, les effectifs salariés augmenteraient de 0,1 % au 4e trimestre 2018 (soit +16 200 emplois). Sur un an, ils augmenteraient de 0,5 % (soit +106 100 emplois).

- Dares Indicateurs 2019-006 - Évolution des salaires de base et conditions d’emploi dans le secteur privé - Résultats provisoires du 4e trimestre 2018

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IITs cut international student fees look for permanent foreign staff

By Kerrie Kennedy. India’s Institutes of Technology will cut fees for international students and push to recruit foreign academics and teachers to permanent roles in a bid to expand their talent pool and boost their global rankings. More...

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WSE opens first British ELT centre in Laos

By Kerrie Kennedy. Wimbledon School of English has announced the opening of the first British English language centre in Laos, WSE Vientiane, in partnership with Panyathip International School. More...

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