12 février 2019

EUproVET - Mission

The mission of the association is to voice the interests of providers of vocational education and training and adult education within the European Union, and to reach common European goals on the European policy level, in the member states of the European Union and European countries which do not form part of the European Union. More...

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EUproVET - The role of Education and Training providers

Enhancing the global competitive position of European countries means recognising the importance of knowledge, education and lifelong learning.
In this context the European Commission regularly delivers 'Communications' and 'Recommendations' in order to speed up the common European education agenda.
Moreover, policy initiatives regarding education at the European level are increasingly endorsed by national governments. The same or even more applies to policy initiatives in other domains that can significantly affect the functioning of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) infrastructure, like internal market policies, integration/migration and social affairs. Taking these developments into account, participation in policy preparation at the European level is as important as participating in policy preparation at the national level. This ensures that policy initiatives take into account the practical effects at the level of schools and colleges.
The ambitions of political Europe regarding the European Vocational Education and Training Area (EVETA) cannot be achieved without creating proper conditions for VET and the active involvement of the providers of VET and Adult Education institutions. More...

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EUproVET is a representational platform for European VET providers. EUproVET contributes to the European agenda by

  • Providing the labour market with a skilled and high qualified labour force.
  • Contributing to social inclusion, from both the social and economic perspectives.
  • Contributing to life long learning.
  • Creating smooth pathways to higher stages of education. Contributing to an open European Vocational Education and Training Area (EVETA). More...

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Statistical overviews on VET

HomeEuropean and national policies on Vocational Education and Training (VET) need to be informed by sound and internationally comparable statistical evidence. More...

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Skills forecasts country reports

HomeCedefop's skill forecasts country reports highlight future skill supply and demand for each EU Member State. They provide a concise outlook on employment trends for sectors, major occupational groups and qualifications. They also show labour force trends for age groups and qualifications up to 2025. More...

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National policy developments in vocational education and training

HomeThese reports describe developments in vocational education and training (VET) policy in 2015-17 in the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. They are part of the series Cedefop monitoring and analysis of VET policies and consist the background material for the Cedefop 2018 analysis on the progress towards achieving targets that have been agreed within the process of European cooperation in VET since 2015. More...

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Cedefop - ReferNet National partners

HomeReferNet National partners. More...

ibw Austria - Research & Development in VET
Mr Wolfgang Bliem bliem@ibw.at  
Homepage | ReferNet website |

Bruxelles Formation
Ms Isabelle Allinckx i.allinckx@bruxellesformation.be
Homepage | ReferNet website |

NAVET - National Agency for Vocational Education and Training
Ms Radosveta Drakeva rdrakeva@gmail.com
Homepage | ReferNet website |

AVETAE - Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education
Mr Nino Buić nino.buic@asoo.hr
Homepage | ReferNet website |

HRDA - Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus
Mr Yiannis Mourouzides y.mourouzides@hrdauth.org.cy
Homepage | ReferNet website |

Czech Republic
NÚV - National Institute for Education, Education Counselling Centre, And Centre for Continuing Education of Teachers
Ms Martina Kaňáková martina.kanakova@nuv.cz
Homepage | ReferNet website |

Metropolitan University College
Mr Henrik Hjorth hehej@phmetropol.dk
Homepage | ReferNet website |

Ministry of Education and Research
Ms Tatjana Kiilo tatjana.kiilo@hm.ee
Homepage | ReferNet website |

Finnish National Agency of Education
Mr Aapo Koukku aapo.koukku@oph.fi
Homepage | ReferNet website |  |  | 

Centre Inffo – Centre for the Development of Information on Continuing Vocational Training
Mr Régis Roussel r.roussel@centre-inffo.fr
Homepage | ReferNet website |  | 

BIBB - Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training
Ms Ute Hippach-Schneider hippach-schneider@bibb.de
Homepage | ReferNet website |

Ms Despina Mavris dmavris@eoppep.gr
Homepage | ReferNet website | |

National Office of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning - NSZFH-NOVETAL
Ms Judit Gömöri Olasz gomorineoj@nive.hu
Homepage | ReferNet website |

Education Directorate
Mr Steingrímur Jónsson steingrimur.a.jonsson@mms.is
Homepage |

SOLAS - Further Education and Training Authority
Ms Nora Condon Nora.condon@solas.ie
Homepage | ReferNet website |

INAPP - Istituto Nazionale per l'Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche
Ms Ismene Tramontano i.tramontano@inapp.org
HomepageReferNet website |

AIC – Academic Information Centre - Latvian National Observatory
Ms Gunta Kinta  gunta@aic.lv
Homepage | ReferNet website |

KPMPC – Qualifications and Vocational Education and Training Development Centre
Ms Eglė Zybartienė egle.zybartiene@kpmpc.lt
Homepage | ReferNet website |

INFPC – National Institute for the Development of Continuing Vocational Training
Ms Marion Biré marion.bire@infpc.lu
Homepage | ReferNet website |

Ministry for Education and Employment
Mr Raymond Camilleri raymond.camilleri@gov.mt
Homepage | ReferNet website |

ECBO - Centre for expertise in VET
Ms Anneke Westerhuis anneke.westerhuis@ecbo.nl
Homepage | ReferNet website | |

Norwegian Centre for international cooperation in education
Ms Siv Andersen siv.andersen@siu.no
Homepage | ReferNet website |

Educational Research Institute (IBE)
Ms Agnieszka Chloń-Domińczak A.Chlon-dominczak@ibe.edu.pl
Homepage | ReferNet website

DGERT- Directorate General for Employment and Industrial Relations
Ms Fernanda Ferreira Fernanda.R.Ferreira@dgert.mtsss.pt
Homepage | ReferNet website |

CNDIPT - National centre for development of technical and vocational education
Ms Dana Stroie dana.stroie@yahoo.com
Homepage | ReferNet website |

SIOV - State Institute of VET
Mr Juraj Vantuch vantuch2011@gmail.com
Homepage | ReferNet website |

CPI - Centre for Vocational Education and Training
Mr Darko Mali darko.mali@cpi.si
Homepage | ReferNet website |

State Foundation for Employment and Training
Ms Inés Sancha Gonzalo  ines.sancha@fundae.es
Homepage | ReferNet website | | | |  | | 

SKOLVERKET - Swedish National Agency for Education
Mr Hans Almgren hans.almgren@skolverket.se
HomepageReferNet website |

United Kingdom
Mr Torjus Abusland torjus.abusland@naric.org.uk
HomepageReferNet website |

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Cedefop - ReferNet

HomeReferNet is a network of institutions created by Cedefop in 2002 to provide information on national vocational education and training (VET) systems and policies in the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway. Each national partner is a key organisation involved in VET in the country it represents. More...

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Cedefop - European community of learning providers - Thematic working groups

HomeFor the 2017-20 period, three themes were agreed to be worked on in three parallel working groups:

The methodological approach of the community uses learning providers’ priorities and practical experience as a starting point. More...

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