26 février 2019

New Bose AR Glasses give you audio Augmented Reality

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. New Bose AR Glasses give you audio Augmented Reality
Emory Craig, Digital Bodies, 2018/12/10
I can't imagine trying to read an AR screen on my glasses (my eyes have enough trouble with the real world) but augmentation-by-audio is something that could work for me. More...

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Is there a RSS revival going on?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Is there a RSS revival going on?

Andy Sylvester, 2018/12/10

Short item raising the possibility and linking to some commentary suggesting it might be true. Some of us (ahem) never left RSS at all. In a world of social media algorithm-driven content streams I've considered RSS to be my secret weapon over the last decade. More...

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Teaching and Learning with Jupyter

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Teaching and Learning with Jupyter
et.al., Lorena A. Barba, GitHub, 2018/12/10
This is a comprehensive text that covers pretty much everything important about the use of Jupyter Notebooks in learning. As noted in these pages before, a Jupyter Notebook allows you to have not only the usual text and images, but also computer programs, such that you can view and edit the listing and see the output right on the notebook page. More...

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Repl.it Multiplayer

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Repl.it Multiplayer
Faris & Amjad Masad, Repl.it, 2018/12/10
This is a really nice teaching tool, because it's a nice working tool. "Introducing Multiplayer: code with friends in the same editor, execute programs in the same interpreter, interact with the same terminal, chat in the IDE, edit files and share the same system resources, and ship applications from the same interface!" Open a new editor on the https://repl.it/ website and then click the Multiplayer icon (upper left) to get it started. More...

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When the Applicant Is the Son of an Academic

HomeTerri Givens writes that watching her son go through the application process gives her new worries about those who don't have access to information and guidance on the process. More...

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Responding to Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking

HomeJeffrey J. Nolan and Marisa Randazzo describe how colleges and universities can use threat assessment teams to promote safety in such cases. More...

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Ethical College Admissions: The Walking Dead(lines)

HomeAmerica’s fascination with and fear of zombies has never been greater than now. President Trump’s border wall would be built tomorrow if it were designed to keep out zombies rather than illegal immigrants. More...

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Université de Strasbourg : le président n’augmentera pas les frais d’inscription pour les étudiants étrangers

l'emag de l'educationA l’Université de Strasbourg, les étudiants étrangers non européens ne verront pas leurs frais de scolarité augmenter à partir de l’année prochaine. Plus...

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Ethical College Admissions: Tuition Resets

HomeThe challenges facing small, tuition-driven colleges have been in the news recently. A couple of weeks ago, Hampshire College announced that it is seeking a partner for its future and that it is considering not enrolling a freshman class this fall. More...

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The Effortless Perfection Myth

HomeCaralena Peterson initially wrote it off as a superficial cliché, but now as a recent college graduate, she believes it should be considered a major mental health concern. More...

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